Nikon D4S Review

Many professional photographers have always turned to the Nikon D4. It has great speed features, lowlight shooting capability and very good AF performance. It has been very popular. Reporters often find themselves in strange conditions. Whether this is a riot, adverse weather conditions or a celebrity event, the camera is built to last.

Now Nikon have introduced the D4S. The sensor is built to have an effective 16.23 megapixel count compared to the D4’s 16.25. Not a huge change there then. The new sensor and engine, the Expeed 4, results in a roughly 1.5EV improvement in noise performance. This means the native sensitivity setting has an ISO of 100-25, 600. The expected range is ISO 50-409, 600.

The Expeed 4 processor gives the D4S a continued shooting rate of 11fps with an ability to better focus and meter between shots compared to the D4.

You gain a much better dampening system thanks to Nikon putting in a new mirror and sensor mechanism. It will give you much more stable images. Blackout times between frames is shorter with a shutter lag of 42ms.

Autofocus is always improving. The Nikon Multi-CAM 3500AF module is present on the D4S. So there is no loss in quality between the former and the D4. You can add group-area AF mode. This is a benefit for small subjects with a high-contract background. It has also retained its -9, -21 and -51 point dynamic-area AF and also the popular 3D-tracking mode.

For all you internet photographers out there you are able to shoot 4mp uncompressed 12-bit RAW files. A great quality for the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The D4S is capable of shooting full HD video. You now have the choice to switch between 50p/60p. With the presence of an HDMI slot on the DSLR, you can plug the camera straight into any television and enjoy your artistic creations.

The D4 gave you the choice of three sensor crop formats. Fans of Nikon know these as FX, DX and native crop. You will again find these carried over to the D4S. It will give you a focal length magnification of about 2.7x.

It seems rather odd that GPS and Wi-Fi are not present in this camera, as so many other cameras now have them as standard features. They are available as separate purchases if you require them.