Netgear has always been at the forefront of home networking for many years now. Their routers seem to combine style with practicality for the home. The D6400 is no different. Looking absolutely stunning and promising speeds of up to 1,300Mb/s over a 2.4 or 5Ghz bandwidth.

The Netgear D6400 is classed as an 802.11ac router. It can broadcast on both bandwidths at the same time which is extremely useful for those households with older types of wireless technology.

We didn’t have too much of an issue installing the router, despite some claims online that the software hasn’t so far worked for them. Connecting the router to our devices was a simple task, and one we found worked nearly straight away.

The router is an ADSL/VDSL device. There is still however a Gigabit WAN port to be able to connect fibre router to give your home faster fibre-optic wireless speeds. There are four Gigabit ethernet ports to hardwire devices to as well as two USB slots for network shared storage or printers.


The ReadyShare software again was very simple to install. You have to install each printer driver onto each device for it to wirelessly print over the network however, but once that has been done, the EasyShare software kicked in.

The wireless speeds we received were unfortunately nowhere near the claimed total speeds of the router. Over the house, and bear in mind, we don’t live in a mansion, we received around 10Mb/s on the 2.4Ghz bandwidth. On the 5Ghz bandwidth however we received around 150Mb/s. Much faster indeed.

The Netgear D6400 looks great, but was a b disappointing with the speed we received, especially as the router is pretty pricey. There are faster routers on the market at the moment, but they will definitely not look as attractive on your hallway stand.

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