Sony X-11 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The term good thing come in small packages may be relevant here, as the Sony speaker is one of the smaller portable speakers we’ve seen on the market ourselves so far.Having the ability to carry round something like this opens up a world of possibility to music lovers.

The Sony X-11 is small, measuring in at 2.4″ x 2.4″. It’s a complete cube, offering near 360-degrees worth of sound from each of the cube’s faces. We were handed the black one by Sony for review, but they also come in a blue, pink, fire-red and white colour finishes.

The design looks very funky, with black grilles covering three of the six-sided shape. The other sides are dedicated for its base, the top is used for the main controls and the back for your USB and auxiliary input.

It’s made from a smooth plastic which gives the speaker its rounded edge look. The buttons on top are rubberized so you can tell them apart from the plastic.

Being Bluetooth means you can connect any Bluetooth enabled device to it. Most people will probably use their phones or tablets. For connection all you need to do is hold down the power button for a few seconds to put the speaker into pairing mode, then find the speaker on your phone and away you go. It’s a very simple process, and one we didn’t have any trouble with.

I’ll mention now the ADD function on the rear of the speaker. This means you can hook more than one X-11 speaker together giving you more of a stereo sound. It’s a great function if you and friends all own one and want to party, but I can’t see many people buying several just tot use this function when you could just go for a more expensive speaker setup.

A small silicon hook enables the speaker to be hung anywhere which is a great feature. Hang it on your backpack, around your wrist or even your bike for example and decent quality music can be heard wherever you go. It’s definitely a function aimed more at you travel nuts out there.

In terms of sound the Sony x-11 sounds full, which surprised me given its size. It definitely isn’t going to win awards in this department, but for music quality that’s better than your built-in mobile speakers, it’s a winner. The lows, mids and high frequencies however seem to be set at one level which is nice, all types of sounds are prominent. However, if you’re one of these people who love their electronic music and nothing else, then you may be disappointed. The frequencies can still, can all be heard.

For the price, the  Sony speaker is a winner. It’s built really well, sounds full, and is very versatile on how you can use it. You can find it retailing at around £49 online and can find more information on the Sony website.