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Custom phone cases have been around for a long time. Ever since I can remember owning a phone, I was able to customise it with a case of my choice, purchased from the local market stall. Purchasing online is easier than ever and Casetify have set up the perfect shop to help! Casetify offer custom and pre-designed phone cases and also offer custom and pre designed Apple Watch Straps, iPod and iPad cases, Macbook cases and a variety of Android phone cases.

Casetify are a US based company but have no fear, they offer a UK service and delivery is as easy as ever. They have a huge fan base and I can understand why! Browsing through the website, I am given endless choices of cases and alike, that I don’t know which one I like the most! They have worked with some amazing artists and also collaborate with top fashion brands, to add to their endless collection of designs.

Casetify offer cases from the iPhone 4 upto the current model, aswell as cases for iPod touch 4th gen onwards. The cases can come in a number of forms: Standard, Classic Snap, Bumper, Metaluxe and Wood. Endless selections. There are some amazing cases, for both male and female, though I would say the selection defiantly sways more to the female market. Quotes, cakes, flowers, animals, brands, products, suitable and bold, there is defiantly something for everyone. Their new standard type case has been designed to specifically protect your phone from damage that may occur when you drop it, which we have all done before!

“Smarter protection with dual-layer construction maintains the device’s minimal profile. Durable hardshell exterior is co-molded with a soft, impact-absorbing layer for complete protection in a flexible, secure and lightweight form. Raised bezel around perimeter keeps screen protected while the durable hardshell exterior provides surface protection.”

Next up are the Apple Watch straps. You may have seen that Apple offer very little in the way of strap choice for their watches. This is where Casetify excels! Once again, I am flooded with a variety of 38mm and 42mm straps, that look great and will add so much to your Apple Watch. Also available are hard cases for your iPad, soft cases for your Macbook and cases for your Android devices. All of which are available with a custom design option…. custom design you say?!

Yes! You can turn your favorite Instagram and Facebook photos into custom cases. The custom case builder is very simple to navigate and user friendly with its drag and drop protocol, and offers an array of options and a total cost on screen, so you can keep an eye on the options that suit your budget. You can upload images from Instagram or Facebook, or upload them from your phone or PC etc. If personal photos are not your thing, there are a variety of stock images you can use, from quotes to smiley faces.

Purchasing is very easy, you select the design you like, the type of phone/product it’s for, as well as any other options available and hit purchase. We got a custom phone case sent to the office and are very impressed with the build and print quality of the case. It fits really nicely to the phone and the packaging it came in, gave it a luxury gift feel.

For more info and to purchase, check out the official Casetify website.

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