MSI Showcase Worlds First 1000R Curved Gaming Monitor, or is it?


We’re currently sitting in a hotel in Las Vegas, prepping for the week to come at CES. We have been inundated with emails, press releases and we look to bring you some hot new and first looks this week, with one of those being MSI’s new gaming monitors.

MSI have announced they will be showcasing a number of new monitors under their Optix range but everyone is talking about one in particular, the MAG342CQR. The Optix MAG342CQR is the worlds first 1000R curved monitor. For those unaware, the R rating relates to how your eye perceives curves, with most, if not all top brands saying 1000 to 1500R is the best possible curve for the eye, from 1 meter away.

Price? It’s going to be substantial!

“Equipped with the curvature of 1000R, which is the same as human eyeballs, Optix MAG342CQR will bring you the most comfortable viewing experience and will ensure you a longer gaming period without fatigue by eliminating eye strain.

You want more? Ok, here’s what else they have on offer.

Optix MEG381CQR, is the first HMI intelligent gaming monitor in the world. The OLED interactive display can intuitively display games and lifestyle information. The shuttle controller can switch functions accurately during battles and the computer OC performance mode to enhance gaming experiences to eliminate complicated software tuning.  

Optix MAG161, with the lightweight of 0.9kg and ultra-slim profile of 5.1mm, the Optix MAG161 is MSI first portable gaming monitor. Work smart, play hard. Enjoy the smoothest gaming experience and amazing visuals through high refresh rate of 120Hz/240Hz and the Full HD resolution with IPS panel. 

Optix MAG251RX supports the latest NVIDIA G-Sync compatible technology. Accompanied with an extremely high refresh rate of 240Hz and fast response time of 1ms, Optix MAG251RX will give gamers the smoothest gaming experience. Moreover, enjoy the stunning visuals through the IPS panel with VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400. 

Plus a handful of other monitors, with various refresh rates and resolutions. It sounds impressive and we will try out best to get over to the booth and get a look. That being said, I’m sitting next to Stef and he’s said Samsung have a 1000R monitor too, so are MSI the first…?

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