We’ve got some more PC news for you today, this time from MSI. They have just had a virtual press event, showcasing a bunch on new laptops which look very promising but i will say, they were a little vague on the specific builds but lets go through what they did say.

First up, a new flagship laptop, the Creator Z16. MSI is saying the Creator Z16 has been carefully designed based on the law of beauty, the golden ratio. What’s the Golden ratio, well it’s a mathematical term of the ages, which MSI is using to talk about screen aspect ratio, with The Z16 having a ratio of 16:10. From what we can see, the Z16 comes in a slim chassis, just under 16mm, and finished in a Lunar Gray. We’ve got a QHD+ resolution and MSI’s True Pixel technology, which produces the most accurate possible colours, and each panel is calibrated in the factory to ensure it meets 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut. So they are really marketing this towards the creators, the editors, photo or video, this is a commercial work laptop. Spec-wise, the Z16 will include the latest 11th gen Intel chips and the RTX 3060 GPU. They also state it’ll come with a new cooling solution, rendering 3D animations 40% faster than the previous generation. 


The Z16 was the flagship but they also announced two similar laptops, the Creator 17 and M16. The 17 comes with a premium mini LED display, providing vivid and true-to-life colours apparently. The Creator 17 is the thinnest and most powerful laptop in its class. For creators who are looking for monstrous power and a bigger screen for 4K editing, the creator 17 is a great choice.

The M16 I mentioned, is a more accessible laptop i.e. more affordable, and comes with a 16-inch, 500 nits display, which they are saying is 66% brighter than most other laptops. It also has that 16:10 aspect ratio, giving a wider viewing area. Spec-wise, details weren’t given but assume there will be build versions with both Intel & Nividia. Price was also not discussed. 

Moving onto their gaming laptops, they announced quite a few and it was a little confusing understanding what was what. They spoke about a number of new and existing series of gaming laptops on the way, a GF Sword, GF Katana, GL Pulse, GL Crosshair, GE Raider, and GS Stealth. For the GF series, MSI teamed up with the highly praised digital artist, Tsuyoshi Nagano, who helped design the Katana GF76 and GF66 laptops. MSI also created the MSI Sword 17 and Sword and the Pulse GL76 and GL66 too. This is where it gets a little confusing, the spec options for each series and the difference in performance, other than visual differences we can see.


MSI is stating these new gaming laptops will again sport 11th gen Intel CPU’s and RTX 30 series GPUs up to the 3080 it looks like. They’re stating performance increase through percentages but it’s unclear what models they are using or testing against. Display-wise, QHD or 1440p has been shown, including up to 240Hz on some models, which is really aiming towards the esports enthusiasts. Cooling, always a big factor with laptops, well MSI is saying “The relatively thin 2.4cm chassis features an impressive cooling layout with up to 2 fans and 6 internal heat pipes. The latest generation allows for greater airflow resulting in a lower core temperature at max load, by redesigning the system with a special heat pipe design that has 33% thinner pipe walls.”

To finish off, there is also a new and improved MSI centre due, which is set to intelligently configure settings according to the user’s preference, which will ensure that the system is running under the optimised performance. 

I think I’m going to wrap it up there. Not the best virtual event I’ve seen, I just want facts and figures. Specific model names, with associated build options and prices, not a single mention of prices yet or release dates. If and when we do find out more, I will leave any updates in the comments section below. Plenty of promise from MSI here, just give us more details.