Mousetrapper The Wellness Mouse Review

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Now have you ever seen a stranger looking mouse? This is the Mousetrapper Wellness Mouse which is a gadget that can turn your desktop computer into a laptop kind of feel. It even comes with some wrist rests on either side of the mouse pad so you don’t become susceptible to something like RSI from too much typing.

The Wellness Mouse is definitely not a product aimed at gamers, nor is it something that you could probably use for productivity apps like Photoshop or Illustrator. Editing style work I mean. Instead, it’s a device that could probably be found in an office, used by someone who suffers with wrist problems.

The company Mousetrapper even state that this mouse can improve shoulder, neck and back load as the wrist wrests are strategically positioned to sit close to your body. Whether this is really effective or not is hard to tell as I don’t suffer with these kinds of issues, nor have I used this product for long enough to notice any improvement over my back and neck positioning.

Let’s speak buttons. There are eight buttons on this thing, with two of them in the position of left and right mouse click. The others are programmable. You’ll need to download the MT-Keys software to access this function, but it makes it useful when in certain programs. Like back or forward on a web browser, or open email.

The mouse pad itself doesn’t work like a conventional laptop touch sensitive pad. This pad physically moves, and rotates around a bracket inside of the actual unit itself. Left and right is pretty limiting, but there is an unlimited up and down movement as the mouse pad just rotates around the inside bracket.

To connect the mouse to a computer is easy. There are two options, wireless and wired. The wired connection is a straight microUSB cable to the computer while the mouse also comes with wireless dongle if you don’t want cables trailing around or if your PC is out of reach of the supplied cable.

Overall though the build quality of this thing is pretty solid. It’s also quite practical too, especially with the function keys positioned around the mouse area. The real estate however of this thing is pretty huge, so you’re going to need a decent amount of desk space for it to fit, depending on the size of your keyboard of course. The rubber flap at the back ensures the keyboard doesn’t slide away from the bottom wrist rests.

For anyone suffering with wrist, back or neck issues then I’m sure this product would be ideal for you. Or even if you’re someone who likes to rest your wrists when typing. I however am not one of these people, so I’m not sure how something like this would benefit me. For more information on the Mousetrapper Wellness Mouse, the head over to the website.


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