Groov-e Wave Portable Speakers Review

Groov-e Wave speaker 1

Whether you’re dusting off your garden BBQ grills or packing up your car for a trip to the beach, there’s nothing better than summer coming on fast. Although not all of us can be as excited, as we still have reviewsto write so you know what to buy for your adventures. This is why today I’m checking out the new Wave speakers from audio manufacturer Groov-e.

I’m looking at two speakers today from their new range, as they are both very similar, although one, the Wave II is biggerthan the other. Both speakers work using Bluetooth to connect to a mobile device.

The biggest issue however with these speakers, and it’s down to the fact that I have seen both of them at once, but it almost feels like the Wave I is a little redundant. Sure it’s cheaper, but it doesn’t sound nearly as good as the Wave II. And considering the Wave I is £24.99 and the Wave II is £34.99, I would definitely hold out for the latter.

Going forward though I will say that both speakers have identical features, with the Wave II of course having a little better spec. Things like the music playback you get with the Wave II is 6-8 hours, while the Wave I is only 5-6. But, both have IPX4 protection from splashes, caribiner clips to connect to your belt loop or even a bike and both have a microSD card slot to store music for playback.

Both speaker parts of the units are covered in a material which looks alright. Not a huge quality behind it but it does the job. The rear of both speakers are a soft touch plastic, only highlighting the budget feel. The weight of these two units are also a huge giveaway to the low quality. Buttons are easy and responsive, however I did have an issue with the Wave 1 where the power button seemed to get stuck inside the unit. It didn’t affect usage, but it was just annoying. Both have a sealed door over the ports so they don’t get splashed.

However, as said before the Groov-e Wave II sounds far superior than the Wave I. The Wave I suffers from its size. There is a distinct lack of bass in the music you will listen to. The Wave II although still no where near as good as something like the JBL GO or the Braven Ready series, it’s still far better than its smaller sibling.

I was pretty impressed actually with how the Wave II did sound, considering its price. I was going to put it into the same category as the Wave I and say avoid it, but I couldn’t do it. There is definitely a decent product here if you’re wanting  some mellow background music. Don’t pump the volume up too much though, because you will get some distortion issues and music begins to sound very muddy.

But for £34.99, it’s a speaker that would easily last a day’s use at the beach. I doubt anyone will be sunbathing for more than eight hours at a time anyway. Not in England. For more information on the Wave range speakers, head over to Groov-e website.

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