Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker Review

Monster has just released its new Superstar model bluetooth speaker. The mini box is carrying the Monster name, but does it live up to their decent bassy sounds? Well, long story short, it does, but it kind of misses the mark.

The Monster Superstar Bluetooth speaker is small and light enough to carry around in a bag. Several styles are available. The one we were supplied to check out was black and grey, although there are a number of colours you can substitute the grey for as well as a bright neon blue version.

monster superstar bluetooth speaker 2

It has two small full range speakers either side of the larger two bass radiators in the middle. A nice touch to the speaker is that it can be stood up or laid down on its back. Sound can still leave the speaker freely, and the added bass against a surface really helps.

Most acoustic tracks sound smooth when played, but there is some distortion at the highest volumes. Bassier EDM tracks really distort, which is odd for Monster who usually tailor their products to the bass heads among us. As I said, kind of missed the mark a little but overall sound quality, as long as it’s not blasted is great. But this can be expected from smaller compact speakers.

monster superstar bluetooth speaker 3

There is a built-in battery that charges through a micro USB connection which comes supplied. The built-in microphone is in fact very clear and could be great for a conference type setup. It’s also splash resistant as well which will protect it from water, but it’s not fully water-proof.

For a portable speaker Monster I feel have done an okay job. It’s light and sounds good at lower volumes. It’s not room filling, but for nice background music, the Monster Superstar really shines. It is currently retailing at around £99.99 which I believe is very fair for what you are getting. You can find more information on the Monster website.

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