Captain Shackleton’s Adventures Live-Tweeted

Sir Ernest Shackleton was a captain of a ship named the Endurance which carried his 27 strong crew across the Weddell Sea. The sea is in the Antarctic. Their goal was to cross the Antarctic Continent via the South Pole. This was 100 years ago, but is still considered one of the most remarkable feats of physical endurance, mental courage and resolute leadership in the history of exploration.

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To celebrate this amazing event, The Shackleton Company who manufacture winter specific clothing is reliving the moment by live-tweeting Ernest Shackleton’s mission, including some of the most hazardous moments. Imagine if they had Twitter 100 years ago, this is what they’re recreating.

Their aim is to tell the story of one of the biggest Imperial Trans­Antarctic Expedition. As I said earlier, I’d never heard of the bloke. So this is a great way of telling one of the greatest tales of exploration, especially to the younger generations.

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The story began on the 7th April upon the first sighting of Clarence Island. From here you can keep up with their movements day by day as Captain Shackleton makes his way to Stromness whaling station on the 20th May.

Sir Ernest Shackleton’s only granddaughter, the Honorable Alexandra Shackleton, said: “I am delighted that the extraordinary achievements of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew, 100 years ago, will be brought to life using social media and retold to a new audience. The story of their survival has been an inspiration to many over the years and will continue to be so for generations to come.”

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Ian Holdcroft, Director of The Shackleton Company, said: “The close involvement of the Honorable Alexandra Shackleton ensures we have a great sense of responsibility to protect and contribute to Sir Ernest Shackleton’s legacy for the next 100 years. Our objective is to use social media to give Shackleton a voice, as though he was using Twitter to communicate to the world, during his epic tale of adventure. To mark this period of centennial celebration, we hope to bring their triumphant story of survival and this truly inspiring character, one of Britain’s greatest and most recognised leaders, to a younger audience.”

You can follow the story by going to @TheShackletonCo and #Shackleton on Twitter.