Filofax , the company behind most notepads and personal address books from the mid-90s is making a comback. The stationary company has moved into the modern market by releasing over 600 new mobile phone and tablet cases all at once. It is now considered the largest collection of portable hardware cases on the current market.

The have cases for each specific model of tablet and phone on the market, so choices are definitely not limited. They also come in four different types of constructions. The first is the Zip, which will shut the case completely and seal it. The Elastic comes with an elastic strap that holds the two-sides of the book case firmly to the tablet. The Wrap case is very similar in construction, but the ‘wrap’ part acts as a kind of lid. The final one is the Strap which holds the two sides of the book case with a small strap that fits inside a seal.

Filofax are ensuring all cases will flawlessly fit the tablet you desire, and offer them the upmost protection. The actual shell is made from a solid ABS material, and offers smooth 360-degree swivel rotations. This will aid you in using the case as a tablet stand while you’re watching a movie or even next to you while reading a recipe on a counter-top in the kitchen.

Finally each case will come with a tailor-made pocket perfect for carrying your smart phone, notepaper as well as credit and debit cards. Included will also be a handy stylus for hand writing notes on screen. You can find more information on the Filofax website.

What’s even better is that Filofax are running a blogger competition on innovative ways of using a Filofax case. We’d appreciae the love if could vote for your favourite Filofax image on their Facebook page.


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