Monster ROC Headphones Review

Following on from their highly successful release with Beats, Monster has yet again teamed up with an equally famous superstar to showcase their new ROC headphones. And that star is the international football player Cristiano Ronaldo; which probably explains why the ROC headphones area bit bling bling. Come on, you know what I mean when I say this.

I know what you’re thinking already, Monster has to team up with famous people to sell cans, the headphones are actually in fact just as solid as the soccer star’s footy skills. It was very hard during my test to actually find any kind of fault to these flashy headphones.

monster roc headphones 5

Design wise they’re huge, mimicking their older cousins, the Beats by Dre. Now I’m not going to sit here and pretend that my head is small, it’s not. It’s a pretty large dome sitting on my neck and even I found these headphones to be big on the tightest setting. They still felt really comfortable though. I used them as my daily drivers on commutes and working in my office and I didn’t find myself adjusting them at all really. They just sat there, with the padded headband simply resting against my scalp.

Going back to my commute, these headphones are definitely head turners. Being made from a mirrored silver and black plastic, there is a gold trim that goes through each ear-cup. I don’t think this is a bad thing at all, and really I do think Monster has designed these to be more of a fashion accessory than headphone. The earcups do fold into eachother but really they’ve been made to wear around your neck if you’re not using them to listen to music.

monster roc headphones 4

Moving onto the sound they do not disappoint in this area. The bass is solid, even when harder bass tunes were thrown at them. The mid and high frequencies held out well too, even at higher volumes I never had a problem with then headphones distorting. The volume levels these could hit were actually more uncomfortable due to my eardrums going mad in my head than the quality ever dipping.

We were sent the wired version which means you have to attach a 3.5mm auxiliary cable to either headphone depending  on convenience. I have my old skool iPod touch usually in my left pocket, so it makes sense that my cable comes from the left earcup. There is also a wireless version available at a greater cost. Same specifications, they just use a Bluetooth connection to hook up to your music storage device.

monster roc headphones 6

Overall, Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t go wrong endorsing these superb pair of headphones. To be honest I doubt he was really interested in any kind of listening specifics, just an all around good sound and Monster has definitely delivered in that department. They’re is a carry case included if you wanted to keep them in a bag during transport but most of the time they’ll be worn as an oversized necklace. They sound absolutely brilliant and are flashy as hell. What’s not to like about the Monster ROC headphones?

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