How Much Tech Is In The World?

A new survey has found there are now a staggering 8.1 billion active internet-connected devices in the world – astonishing as there are only 7.4 billion people.

The report from IHS Technology says they include smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs and TV-attached devices such as Apple TV and Chromecast, and of course audio devices.

Averaged out across the globe, this works out at four devices per household, a total that is dominated by the ever-growing dependency on mobiles.

iphone 5s 1

In fact, they outnumber PCs by almost double, and tablets by nearly five to one.

The reports says the phone population will continue to explode and will number some half a billion by the end of this decade.

Merrick Kingston, principal analyst-connected home, at IHS Technology, said: “The proliferation of media-enabled connected endpoints has implications for media consumption, media production, broadband infrastructure, and the business itself of network management and traffic discrimination. It drives media consumption, IP traffic and more.”

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