Corsair Neutron Series XTi Just Released

A new SSD has just appeared on the market and Corsair is calling them Neutron Series XTi. Many are getting used to the high performance of boosting their devices when they are fitted with an SSD. This is a solid state drive, and as the name suggests, there are no moving parts which can be an Achilles Heel for many conventional drives.

But capacity remains the bugbear for most potential users, but now perhaps Corsair has come up with a solution with a new range that tops out at 1920gb. Check that again – almost TWO terabytes of storage. On a drive that responds so much faster than a mechanical drive.

Presently, PC users have a SSD for their Windows installation and perhaps some oft-used applications, and a normal drive for data files, be they pics, music, videos, documents and so on.

It said they come with a blisteringly quick quad-core Phison controller and performance MLC NAND, Neutron Series XTi offers SATA 6Gbps-saturating transfer speeds of up to 560MB/sec and excellent sustained performance consistency with even the most demanding of workloads.

corsair ssd neutron1

The will be coming initially in capacities of 240GB, 480GB and 960GB, Neutron Series XTi will also become CORSAIR’s first 1920GB SSD in the near future, combining SSD performance with HDD capacity.

The company promises top-tier performance, reliability and consistency which will meet the high-performance storage needs of the most discerning PC gaming enthusiasts and content creation professionals alike.

Available now, the Neutron Series XTi 240GB is priced at $89.99, the Neutron Series XTi 480GB at $159.99 and the Neutron Series XTi 960GB at $329.99. You need to stand by for the price of the big one, but at launch it will probably be, erm, big. All are backed with a five-year warranty plus Corsair’s customer service and technical support.

Among their highlights are Enhanced Error Correction: SmartECC and SmartRefresh features improve data retention and error correction, plus Static and Dynamic Wear-Leveling where the lifespan of the drive and its overall reliability are greatly enhanced. Low power requirements are also welcome.


Written by Chris Murphy

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