Modern Combat 5 Blackout review

Modern Combat 5 Blackout is a new immersive first-person shooter brought to your iOS and Android devices. It is following on from the Modern Combat series developed by Gameloft.

The story takes you to various places around the world starting in the canal city of Venice. Here you embark on your mission to stop terrorists using WMDs.

Each  story area you visit has around 6 missions to complete followed up by some bonus missions. These bonus missions are mini-games such as protect your squad as a sniper.

Each area is done beautifully. For a mobile game, there is so much detail that is needed to be created by your phone. Unfortunately because of this the lesser specced phones may struggle to handle the game.

Customisation is great. There are several classes to unlock throughout the story. You have a whole array of weapons to use. These weapons can also be modified to your liking.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout’s Controls take some time getting used to. Being a PC gamer my first-person shooters consist of a mouse and keyboard. Using your finger on a touch screen can be a little alien at first but it didn’t take long for me to be zipping around the maps.

My only problem with Modern Combat 5 Blackout is that it needs an internet connection to play. Maybe this is a feature to combat game piracy. It even needs a connection on single-player. By the way, the multiplayer is really fun.

Modern Combat 5 is a great purchase for £4.99 on the app store. The replay value of the spec-ops missions is great. I went back several times to try these out again. Saving the world using your mobile device has never been so fun.

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