So you may have seen the Lumia 640 around, a popular phone with vibrant coloured backs, with a screen size of 5 inches. Well, its big brother has been released, coming in with a screen of 5.7 inches and it’s big! We’ve got one to play with so let’s check it out. Let’s start off with the spec:

– Quad Core 1200MHz Snapdragon CPU
– 1gb Ram
– 8gb storage (upto 128gb with microSD)
– 5.7″ 720p display with 259 ppi
– Running Windows 8.1 with Lumia Denim
– 13mp rear camera / 5mp front camera
– 1080p full HD video recording @ 30fps

Out of the box it’s big, like really big. I currently own an iPhone 6 which in comparison, is relatively small but they weigh about the same, so that’s a positive start to the 640XL. The phone being so large is not a negative thing, there are plenty of positives to having a large phone, as long as you are aware of how large it is and if it will actually fit in your pocket, which is does… just about.

The phone feels really good, it’s light and it has a matte orange finish to the back, so it feels nice in the palm of your hand. The phone comes in four colours: white, black, blue and orange. The front of the phone is mostly screen, with a relatively thin bezel down both sides, with a slightly thicker top and bottom. To the right hand side is the home button, located in the middle, which is used to turn the phone on and off, aswell as volume up and down. On the bottom is the micro USB port and at the top, an aux in for your headphones. On the back is the camera.

The phone runs Windows 8.1, which you either love or hate but it works well with the phone, much better than the PC operating system. It allows for large tabs so it’s very easy to navigate. I tried a variety of apps and games and all ran really well, both in performance and graphically. Scrolling through the options is quick, there is no lag and the screen is very responsive to your finger tips. The screen is very clear and vibrant. I also watched several videos on YouTube. They looked and sounded great, with and without headphones.

The rear camera is cracking. It has all your usual features such a flash, auto focus and self timer, but you can also adjust ISO, aperture and shutter speeds for added flexibility. It comes in at 13-megapixel, and definitely ranks higher than other phones in this price bracket. The picture quality is very good, you wont be disappointed. The front camera is also good, more than acceptable for selfies and video calls. The cameras are one of the best features of the phone.

Overall, this is a good phone. It’s packed with great features, the rear camera being a highlight of ours. It is big but if you are used to large phones, this shouldn’t put you off and if you’re not used to it, you will enjoy the phone so much, you forget about its size. RRP is around £184.99 but we have found it online for less than £150 and at that price, it’s an absolute steal. To find out more and to purchase, visit Microsoft today.

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