Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Review


Lenovo’s latest range of tablets, the ‘Yogas, include 8″, 10″ and 13″ models. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the 10″ model. First thing’s first, let’s check out the official spec for the tablet:

Processor – Intel Atom Z3745 Processor( 1.33GHz 1066GHz 2MB)
Operating system – Android 4.4
Display type – 10.1″ IPS LED LCD Touch 1920×1200
Total memory – 2.0GB LPDDR3 1066 MHz
Hard drive device – 16GB
Network card – 802.11abgn WLAN
Bluetooth Version 4.0
Warranty – One year
Battery – 3 Cell Li-Cylindrical

Impressive spec for the price, of which starts at £199 for a WiFi only version. It goes up to £249 if you would like 4G connectivity.

Out the box the tablet looks sleek, with its bold black screen and silver exterior. The case is a mixture of both metal and plastic, which provides a solid and comfortable hold. There isn’t much to the front, apart from two speakers, a front facing camera and the stand. The stand is a very neat feature and is well executed. The stand itself made of metal. It can be folded out to allow for an upright position, or turn it around and it’s in a keyboard position, both of which are very handy positions to have. The stand is very sturdy and doesn’t move easily. On the sides of the tablet, there is the power button, micro USB input, volume up and down and aux in for headphones. On the back of the tablet you have a rear camera. The tablet weighs in at just over 1kg, which is a little heavier than say an iPad but it’s not going to break your back. It’s still very portable.

The tablet is running Android, which you are either a fan of or not. Regardless, the tablet runs well. It’s very quick and smooth. The cameras included are both decent. Both include face recognition which works really well. The front facing camera is more than adequate for video calls but I wouldn’t like to take too many selfies with it as it is a little grainy. The rear camera is much better, with an auto focus, amongst other features, you can capture high quality photos. You can also record videos with either camera.

Browsing through the menu is very quick. The latest games from the Play Store run without a hitch and watching videos on the YouTube app in HD is a joy, as long as you’ve got a speedy connection to handle it. The screen is crystal clear, added with Dolby Sound from the two front facing speakers, watching any videos, especially movies, is very enjoyable.

Overall this is a very quick, versatile, high quality and affordable tablet. I would personally upgrade the storage by purchasing a Micro SD card, slot it in the back and fill it with movies to fully enjoy its capabilities.