With Christmas just gone, I nearly forgot about December’s Marvel Collector Corps box which has been brilliantly branded with X-Men goodies. X-Men has become very well known, since the movie world likes to produce many X-Men films but any exposure is good exposure for this classic comic book. A few weeks before the box was released, Funko announced the box would include a Funko Pop Ride, which got everyone talking. Lots of hopes and dreams flying around but what would it be… let’s find out!

As always, the exterior of the box follows suit with its previous ones, having a sketch of Wolverine on the top, with bold X-MEN written on the side. Open it up and you will find classic looking X-Men comic strips that offer a hint of what’s to come. The first items you see are the pin, Magneto’s helmet and the patch, and a picture of Storm. Open the lid and we get into the main items in the box and on top of them all, is the comic book, which has an awesome image of a Pop Cyclops using his powers as the front cover.

The item of clothing this time is a t-shirt, which always goes down well with me. The tee has an American varsity/baseball vibe to it, with a faded logo based around Xavier’s school. The tee is light grey with a black collar. Very subtle and could pass as your typical shirt but for those that read it, they will understand the true meaning behind it! Maybe the best shirt to date…?

Next up we have a Rock Candy figure, which I have seen before but I don’t think we have unboxed one yet. Rock Candy are basically just another line on vinyl figures, larger than Pops and I would also say better quality as well. In this box, we get a Mystique figure, in a prominent stance, holding a gun, and she is a bobble head. I personally don’t collect these but I can appreciate its quality and appearance.

Lastly we have the Funko Pop. We already knew it was going to be a Pop Ride and here it is… a Wolverine on his motorbike! There are plenty of Wolverine Pops available on the market but this one is of him in his trademark biker jacket and his motorbike, which looks awesome! Pop Rides can be touch and go, they’re typically just a car but they have raised the bar with a motorbike and the detailing is brilliant. He just sits on the bike, so you can take him off if you want. It’s a decent size too! I know this will be a winner with many.

This was a solid box for me, with a great t-shirt and Funko Pop! The theme for the next box is Super Hero Showdowns and images of Red Skull and Captain America have been teased. I’m fairly confident this will include a double pack, action posed, Funko Pop, which they have done before for the latest Avengers box. Once again, this box is available in the UK, via the Collector Corps website and currently costs around £35 all in, and is once every two months.


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