Magine TV Beta Launches In UK

Magine TV, the Swedish television streaming company is making its way to the United Kingdom with their brand new beta launch.

Magine TV uses cloud based services to bring you live television directly to an Android, iOS or Windows Mobile device. They will be offering shows from the broadcasters behind Big Brother, Broadchurch and many other current popular shows.

Proving themselves to be extremely popular in Germany and their home country Sweden, what’s better than to try it in a new UK market?

Initially the service will be capped at 3,000 users but if successful, will increase to much higher numbers.

Already in Germany there are 1.5 million subscribers to the Magine TV service.

Magine TV have taken Sweden by storm. Sky B2b and Virgin Media already have quite a substantial hold over the UK. Let’s see what Magine TV can do over here.

Ambuj Goyal, CEO of Magine TV, comments: “The shared experience of live television is electrifying, and Magine TV’s single-minded focus on innovation in this space sets us apart from other video streaming services: we believe that there will always be an important place for live TV in the entertainment industry.”



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