Disney Magic Kindoms Game Announced

Kids love Disney. They are present in every single household with children. Now Disney plan to get even closer to your child’s world by teaming up with Gameloft to create the Disney Magic Kingdoms app.

Disney Magic Kingdoms is a mobile phone app giving users the chance to design and build their own Disney theme park. Users are able to place iconic attractions on a completely animated landscape. Gameloft have worked with Walt Disney Imagineering to bring their top attractions to the game such as Space Mountain, It’s a Small World and California Screamin’ as well as custom made rides to instil in your parks.

There is even a chance to interact with some of your favourite Disney characters in game including Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Buzz Lightyear, Mike Wazowski and others spanning the 90 year period of Disney history.

There are also quests to complete facing you off against the scariest Disney villains including Maleficent, Emperor Zurg and Mother Gothel.

There was an exclusive sneak preview to the game at this year’s D23 expo which went down very well. Steak peaks for the general public are to follow.

The Disney Magic Kingdoms app has taken inspiration from their various tourist attractions around the world including Disneyland Paris, The MAgic Kingdom Florida and the Disneyland Resort in California.

It is available on Android, iOS and Windows mobile operating systems.

You can follow Gameloft’s progress on their Facebook page.