Living With Robots is an interesting and unique video series from the Financial Times which explores the rise of robots today and their relationship with humans at home, in the workplace and the world around us. Are our metal buddies taking over? Can they ever match up to us mortals? Well if the T-1000, a cybernetic organism with living tissue over his metal endo-skeleton is anything to go by, then I guess not. John Connor still wins in the end.

The series is in five parts; each video being released during FT’s Robot Week (3-10 May).

In My Colleague, The Robot which can be seen in the video above, Murad Ahmad investigates the rise of sentients in the workplace, particularly on factory floors. The documentary series looks at how companies are beginning to replace human workers with machines that are naturally able to work faster. Yeah, Skynet was a pretty efficient standalone computer robot thingy. Humans are doomed.

The video enters high-tech retail spaces like Amazon and ASOS to see how workers work alongside these robots and what impact they are having on their day-to-day work lives.

Is the job market about to get even tougher than it already is? Are we now competing against robots, too? Oh, and by the way. I thought you should know, I’ve decided after writing this article that my robot co-workers would much better suit my position. See ya everybody.