Feniks Audio, unless you’re some kind of audiophile guru may be new to you. We hadn’t until they turned up at the office. We were sent one of the new Essence sets which they’re crowd-funding on their Kickstarter page. They’re doing rather well, hitting nearly 60,000 Fr of their 80,000 Fr goal. The Feniks Audio Essence speakers have been designed for computer use, which is great for any audio heads out there.

fenkis essence 1

The speakers come in white with coloured sides. Colours range from black, grey, green, blue and red. A decent amount of styles to choose from.. We saw the black variant but the coloured ones look really awesome and more personal to your room décor or even LED setup in your PC. The front of the speakers is a matte colour which gives the speakers a decent aesthetic. They’re small enough to fit on a desk, and optimum distance is one metre apart from each other.

fenkis essence 2

All the ports are on the rear of the right hand speaker, offering a mixture of analogue and digital inputs which is absolutely fantastic as it allows you to use a set of turntables for uninterrupted analogue goodness. Inputs include: an 3.5mm auxilery input, USB type-B to connect it to a computer and a TOSLINK-optical input for digital connections from televisions. The button on top switches between the different inputs available. The Essence set is active, with a 24bit 96kHz USB and TOSLINK DAC processing audio inside the speaker to guarantee the best quality for the digital pass.

fenkis essence 4

The actual speaker inside is a 4.5-inch elevated driver. Being elevated means it has a lot more room to manoeuver giving you a more accurate bass response. Moving onto sound, the Feniks Audio Essence speakers sound absolutely fantastic. I don’t think I need to say more. The bass reproduction is absolutely on point, not giving too much that it overpowers other sounds, and not too little so it can’t be heard.

fenkis essence 5

Mids and highs are extremely well controlled too giving a truly heavenly mix of sounds when listening to music. For gaming, person placement is also very accurate giving you the ability to hear the footsteps of enemies and the direction they’re coming from. Volume wise, the speakers still keep it under control. Whether you’re listening quietly in your bedroom or pumping your house party full of summer tunes, the Essence speakers fit perfectly for all types of listening.

fenkis essence 6

I very rarely say this but I wasn’t actually able to find any kind of flaws with the Essence speakers. They sounded absolutely fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with them trying different genres and different bit rate qualities. It’s a shame that they’re not going to be a permanent part of my desk. If you did want to back Feniks Audio with their crowd-funding Kickstarter campaign, then go and check them out. These aren’t your run of the mill PC speakers. They are definitely up there with the big audio companies.