Emie Radio Bluetooth Vintage Speaker Review

Emie are a fairly unknown brand. I had never heard of them before they found their way into the TechNuovo office. But from what I can say first glance at their products, is that they look absolutely stunning. So much so that anywhere you place them will give that location a breath of fresh air. Looking through their website I found that they create very vintage styled designs. Their Emie Radio Bluetooth speaker in on point in terms of the way it looks.

emie radio speaker 3

It features a wooden banding that covers over a white plastic front and back. On top you will find a metal knob that is used to power it, volume up and down and even to set up a Bluetooth connection. On the side you will find an auxiliary input for hard wiring Bluetooth devices to it and a charging port for the included microUSB. However, you don’t get a USB plug adapter in the box so you’d need one handy, unless of course you’re happy with charging through your laptop or desktop.

emie radio speaker 2

The speaker is small, which in turn doesn’t produce a huge bassy sound. What it does do however is produce some alright sounding mids and highs for more pop and acoustic type music. Any EDM or Dubstep heads will be wasting their money going for this. Running a few Dubstep tracks through the speaker we  found that any kind of bass was not there at all, even in the slightest. It was very tinny and all you heard were the higher frequencies coming through.

Swapping out to some indie rock and things were different. Because of the nature of the genre and lack of bass anyway, sounded much cleaner on the speaker.The built-in battery lasts for around five hours, which we found on numerous times during testing. It does work however when being powered, so if you’ve got a source handy, then you can have continuous music playback.

emie radio speaker 4

The Emie Radio Bluetooth speaker looks fantastic, but we couldn’t help thinking that it was just an extension of our mobile phone speaker. Granted it produces a slightly better quality, but we couldn’t really see why someone would sink £40 or so into it when there are some better alternatives on the market.

You can find out more information on the Emie website and check out their other vintage designs available. It’s also on offer for £29.99 at the time of writing this review at Amazon.