This is such a simple solution, to potentially quite a large problem, especially in certain applications. Lindy have designed a number of port blockers for your PC, laptop, tablet or server, which do exactly that, they block your port inputs, restricting usage. I can see this being used by the masses, so had to try it out and see what all the fuss was about.

We all know how important online security is nowadays but physical security is just as important. You’ve probably seen an action movie, the good guys put a USB stick into a bad guys server and steals all their money or something? If only the bad guys had port blockers!

“Port blockers are visual deterrents that seamlessly fit into a variety of environments and provide a physical barrier to unauthorised access”.

Lindy currently offer four different port blockers, including USB type A & C, RJ-45 and SD card. They come in a variety of colours, so you can assign the colours to different appliances or different ports etc. You can purchase a pack of 4 locks, with 1 key for £20, with add on packs of blockers in 10s or 20s for between £15 and £20 a pack.


Installing the blocker couldn’t be easier, it’s just a case of applying a blocker to the key and then carefully inserting into the port. Once in, push the button on top of the key to secure the port in place. Remove the key and voilà. The blockers sit flush or within the port, depending on the device but as they come in a bold, vibrant colour, they are easily noticeable, which is where that deterrent function comes into play.

For me and my laptop, the blockers sat within the recess of the port, which meant there was no way of me easily pulling the blocker out with my fingers. I did gently try and remove the blocker with a pair of pliers and a screw driver, without luck, although if you gave it some welly, you may have success in removing the blocker BUT it’s most certain you’ll damage the port in doing so.

In the domestic market, I don’t think these will be that popular unless you like the tidy look OR you have children you want to restrict. In the commercial market, large offices, schools, hospitals and other public places, this is a simple solution to a real problem and has huge potential.

For more info and to purchase, head over to the Lindy port blocker webpage.