Kairos have just introduced the world’s first mechanical smartwatch, and it looks beautiful. It is a full mechanical watch with moving gears and a 46-hour self-winding movement.

The notifications that overlay on top of the watch face uses transparent OLED technology.

It all looks very futuristic compared to the current smartwatches on the market.

We have seen transparent OLED screens creep into the limelight from other manufacturers such as Samsung with their Smart Windows.

Transparent OLED displays have several components being substrates, cathodes and anodes. This, when off, provides up to 80% transparency. When on, light is able to pass through in both directions, overlaying the on-screen information over whatever is behind it.

The new Kairos Smartwatch will display notifications on the screen from emails, social networking updates and emails. It will also double up as a fitness monitor tracking your steps and letting you know on the calories burned.

The cost for pre-orders can range between $500 to $1200 depending on the watch and style. I can say this watch looks fantastic. We haven’t seen this kind of watch from any of the major players such as Samsung.