Netatmo Weather Station review

This is the first time I’ve come across a product such as the Netatmo Weather Station. I usually just look out the window and decide what sort of outfit I am going to wear for the day. Now I can really plan my outfit down to a number of different results the Netatmo Weather Station gives me.

Unfortunately there were no instructions in the box, but setting the product up was simple. The only booklet that came with the product was for the physical set up, for things like where the batteries go and where to place both receivers.

Setting the app up again was very easy to do. I obtained the app from the Android play store for free and followed the on-screen instructions.

Once set up I’m given a number of figures on the screen ranging from the degrees Celsius , the humidity of indoors and outdoors, and what the temperature really feels like. If I tilt my phone on its side, I get a line graph so I can recognise trends and patterns with the changing temperature.

You will even find predictions on future weather forecasts so you can really plan that long weekend. Of course these are only predictions, and with the British weather how it is, I’m not sure how accurate this function is. One minute it’s sunny, the next is rain with a bit of hale.

But for daily weather forecasts the Netatmo Weather Station is definitely worth an investment if you are an outdoors family or even going away on a long weekend.