I’ve seen quite a few power banks before but this one really caught my eye. Why? Because of it’s size! I’m talking about the Juice Junkie, a clip on emergency power bank. Sure, power banks are normally used in an emergency because your phone has died and Charizard is over there waiting to be caught… No no, we wont discuss Pokemon GO, but this one really is for an emergency situation.

The packaging for the Junkie is typical of Juice, with a thick, clear acrylic case, so you can see the product and read all about it. It’s very simply packaged but I do love it as it’s so robust. Enough to withstand any couriers van journeys. It’s a very small package, with just the Junkie and a very short USB cable included.

The Junkie has a very modest battery, with just a 1,350 mAH capacity but will apparently provide 50% phone charge to an iPhone 6 or 6s. Unlike other power banks, where you need to plug a cable into the power bank and then your phone, the Junkie has a built in lightning connection, so it can be inserted straight into your iPhone. At present, it’s only available for iPhone. The Junkie comes in six different colours and has a handy indicator to show current battery level.

juice_junkie_1It’s a very very small power bank, possibly the smallest I have seen to date. When holding it in my hand, it resembles the shape and size of a classic, silver, flip cigarette lighter you see in gangster movies. You know, the bad guy always throws the lighter onto the petrol he just spilled onto the floor? Practicality wise, it’s as practical as you could get. It comes with a built in clip, so you could clip it to a belt or a bag if you wanted and its very small and most importantly, light. As the Junkie gets inserted straight into the bottom of my iPhone, there is also no need to carry a charging cable around with you. On a trip to London, I have my phone in one pocket and the Junkie in another and I didn’t notice the Junkie was there, most of the time.

juice_junkie_3Now the negative side of having such a portable power bank, the battery isnt very big! The manufacturer’s guidelines were accurate, with a fully charged Junkie and allowing my phone to charge without any interruptions, I went from 1% to 53% in about 35 minutes. That’s not to bad at all, 50% charge on my iPhone could last me hours, if I used it wisely.

I know it doesn’t charge my phone completely but that doesn’t bother me. It’s so compact and light, it’s going in my pocket every time I got out! There are so many chunky and heavy power banks around, this is a breath of fresh air. Like it says on the tin, it’s an emergency power bank. It definitely gives you more than enough juice to make an emergency call or take that important selfie.

The Juice Junkie is currently available now for just £19.99 and can be purchased from the official Juice website.