Roccat seem to be changing, and that’s a good thing. Once upon a time, gaming keyboards including their own were chunky. They looked cool, but weren’t too practical. So it seems Roccat are now following current trends and are opting for a much smaller, sleeker way of doing things.

roccat suora keyboard 2

This is where the Roccat Suora comes in. It’s tiny compared to the likes of the older keyboards on the market such as the hefty Roccat Ryos Mk Pro. The Suora still sports a full QWERTY keyboard, a number pad on the right had side as well as F keys across the top. A new approach is the tiny bezel surrounding the keys themselves. The keys are literally edge to edge which for gamers, makes it a lot easier to strike particular keys, or to even spread your hands across a wider range of letters.

roccat suora keyboard 3

Roccat’s recognisable blue backlighting has remained, and although RGB lighting would have made more sense considering the likes of Razer and Corsair taking advantage of this, the Roccat blue is still good looking and bright enough to be practical in low level lighting. Great for pro gamers in a low lit stadium or even bedroom gamers who play with the lights off.

Roccat this time has opted for brown switches giving gamers the knowledge that the key had actually been pressed. Red MXs were used in previous models which are much lighter, but provide no tactile bump noise. I’m not the biggest gamer in the world to really take advantage of the difference between the two, but playing on the likes of Battlefield 4 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the brown switches were good enough for me.

roccat suora keyboard 4

The cable connecting the keyboard and computer is braided with a USB connection on the end. Once connected, the Roccat Swarm software will prompt you for an update to download the latest Suora drivers. Once inside Swarm you can change the likes of your backlight brightness and style like solid colour or breathing, and also set up a maximum of six macro key binds for when the Gaming Mode is activated. The breathing LED I found a little distracting, especially if I needed to look down to check a key and the backlight was off during its breathe cycle.

roccat suora keyboard 5

Roccat has done themselves proud. The elegance of the Roccat mechanical keyboard is everything you would expect from top quality German engineering. It retails at around £80 in the UK and $99 in the US which I think for a keyboard of this calibre is pretty fair. You can find out more information on the Roccat website.

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