If you’ve not seen a Gorillapod before, or one of the many ‘inspired by’ products on the market, where have you been? I’d go as far as game-changing, a mobile tripod that you can manipulate to suit its surroundings, brilliant. Well, Joby continues to expand their product range, as seen with the Vlogging Kit we reviewed a while back, they’ve got a new tripod out, the PodZilla.

I only thought Joby had the Gorillapod as their flexible tripod but I was wrong and they have the PodZilla too. But what’s the difference between the Gorillapod and the PodZilla? Visually different, a different type of leg as well, one that In my opinion is far more flexible and versatile. Price, for the same size Gorillapod with mount, you’re looking at paying more.

The PodZilla is a three-legged flexible tripod. Each leg measures just under 25cm, it’s fixed to a ball joint and cold shoe. If you look at some of the Gorilliapods, the ball joint is a separate attachment, which may be a bonus but it depends on how you use it. The ball joint has a screw lock, it’s very secure and there is a notch taken out the side to allow a full 90degree bend if you wanted.

Attached to the ball joint is a spirit level which is very handy as although these flexible legs are great in odd positions, or wrapped around a pole, you sometimes want a straight flat tripod too and that’s where the level comes in, ensuring your camera is level. There is also a standard 1/4″ thread that pops out with the touch of a button. Cold shoe has a normal 1/4″ thread for your camera or attachment. I got the PodZilla Large Kit, so I actually got a phone clamp with it, which you can attach to the ball joint.

The whole thing is very good quality and well built considering the price. Strong flexible legs, thick rubber feet, the ball joint is very smooth flowing but very secure when locked into place, plus it’s a hand one job taking the cold shoe off, it’s that easy.

Using the tripod was great, it’s very lightweight and it’s versatile. The legs are flexible, so you mount it however you want, on an uneven surface, say outside on rocks where they’re at different levels. Although flexible, they are still very tough, so when I had my camera attached, I could put it on a flat surface and it wouldn’t move, wouldn’t sag, or fall over, which was great. I also used the spirit level a lot more than I thought I would, I do love straight lines and levels. The legs are also a lot more flexible than the Gorillapod in my opinion.

Limitations, you’re stuck with the ball joint, if that even is a limitation? It’s also a standard 1/4″ thread, so you can buy other attachments to attach to this if you wanted.

I can’t really fault the PodZilla Large, it’s great value for money and you can literally use it for anything. I can put it on my shelf and use it to record my review videos, I can take it outside for vlogs, I can attach it to anything for a timelapse or photo. It’s on sale direct from Joby right now for just ¬£36, you can’t go wrong. Joby does offer different sizes and colours but for me, large felt right.

For further info and to purchase, head over to the official Joby website.