Jesus and Mary on Google Earth?

So is this Google Maps anomaly really Jesus and Mary?

Some claim it so, but others reckon the camera on one of the global map making cars suffered a glitch.

Bubble News, which loves a conspiracy theory, says: “The startling image was snapped by Google as its imaging vehicle drove along the A5 highway near Walensee, Switzerland.

“The dramatic, mountainous landscape is enhanced by a steel-grey, storm cloud laden sky. Looming from the cloudscape appear two images, one black, the other a mix of white and pink, which bear an uncanny similarity to figures depicted in religious paintings for centuries.

“The smaller figure appears to be cloaked in a flowing gown, hands held in prayer and head bowed.

“The other spectre is shrouded in black but seemingly looking forward.

The ghostly figures do bear a resemblance to how classic depictions of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ have been imagined and drawn.

Is it just a coincidence? Or is something else going on here?

True believers don’t need to be convinced, while others will say it’s just a glitch in the imaging software.

Either way, it’s one of the spookiest, or most awe-inspiring results ever found on Google Earth.”

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