Samsung engineers are working to repair a glitch on their Galaxy smart phones which has appeared since their last major update.

After updating to the 4.3 release, a significant number of users encountered a “strange security message”, according to Android Central.

They found under their notification window a warning with “security information”. A message under that reads: “An application attempted to access system on your device without authorisation. This attempt has been blocked.”

Tapping it used to bring up a similar warning, but for some users it now just vanishes until WiFi is enabled once more.

We contacted the electronics giant to ask about it.

They wrote back saying: “I am sorry you are experiencing issues when completing the security update.

“This is an issue our engineers are aware of and they are working on a fix for this.

“Hopefully this will be resolved within the next few days, until then we ask you to be patient and cancel the update when it comes through until the issue has been resolved.”

The Galaxy phone suggests the problem is linked with Samsung’s KNOX, which the company website says is “the comprehensive enterprise mobile solution for work and play”.

We are confident the problem will be solved soon, so hang in there.