I used to look at Jam stuff quite often back in the day and I was always impressed with their value for money products. I’ve now been sent a pair of their new, true wireless earbuds, the Exec. On paper they look pretty good but looks can be deceiving. Let’s open them up and try them out.

This is your typical wireless earbud arrangement and charging carry case. The carry case is very small, lightweight and it’s circular, which is unlike any other case I’ve seen before. The case has four small indicator lights to the front, showing battery level and they illuminate when you open the case. Another unique feature, you spin the circular top round to gain access to the earbud. It’s a nice idea, not one I’ve seen before but the lid is a little flimsy, with potential to snap with force, so watch that. The case has a micro USB port for charging, old school.

The earphones look good, they have just the inner rubber bud so they are somewhat secure when in use but could be better. The earphones sit nicely within the case, with a magnetic contact between the two, for a safe and secure fit, ensuring they charge.

Inside the box you get the earphones and case, plus some different sized rubber buds, a USB cable and some instructions.

The earphones have a number of features, including an 8 hour battery life for the earphones, with a total charge of 32hours from the case which is very impressive. There are two microphones within the earphones, which supposedly helps with voice quality during calls, plus the have touch sensitive controls. The touch controls work via touch or swipe gestures. Play/pause is a single tap, swipe on right for next track, left to previous tap and so on. All gestures are fully detailed within the instructions but note there is on volume control on the earphones.

Audio was surprisingly good for the price and features. The audio profile is well balanced but if anything, it’s light at a bass level and could be punchier. That being said, I listened to a number of different albums and all of which were very enjoyable indeed. These do not include any active noise cancellation but as with any earphone/earbud, there is always a positive amount of passive cancellation provided, which helps.


The earphones are very comfortable and more so than some competitors I’ve recently tried. They sit well within my ear and are secure but I did need to fiddle on occasion to ensure they stayed in place. These can be used with sports, I did a 30 minute spin class and they were fine.

If you remove an earbud, your content continues playing. I know a lot of new earbuds now include that feature, pausing your content when you remove one, which I am a fan of but these do not include that feature.

The touch controls work well, the sensitive area is the logo part of the earbud, which has a raised circular lip around it, which makes it really easy to feel where the sensitive area is. With some other earphones I’ve tried, it’s not easily identifiable where to touch, but that’s not the case here. The sensitive area is responsive and picked up my finger easily enough.

Battery life goes on and on, I’ve not yet hit the 32hour of playback, probably more 10-12 hours BUT I have lost one notch from the battery indicator lights, so it is decreasing. Case is charged via USB cable only, there is no wireless charging with these.

The Jam Exec TWS Earbuds retail at £69.99 here in the UK and at that price, you wouldn’t be disappointed. Audio quality is good for the price, they’re comfortable, the battery life is superb and will last for a long time. To find out more or to purchase, head over to the official JAM website.