PowerSquid, what a name! But I get it, as the cables look like tentacles…

Anyway, this is the PowerSquid power bank from iWALK. It comes in three colours, black, white and pink, which I have here. It has a 9000mAh battery capacity and it has all the connections you need, built-in. It includes a USB C, micro USB and Apple lightning cable built in.

To the left is the lightning cable, the rear is the USB C and to the right is the micro USB. All three cables are stored within a recess in the body of the power bank and you pull one of the cables out to use it. I will say though, it is not easy to get the cables out! You need to use your nails or something else to get underneath to get the cable out. Not ideal.


If for whatever reason you needed a different cable, USB A to, something, then there is also a USB port at the very top of the power bank to plug your own cable in. To the very bottom of the unit is the USB C port in, used for charging. A cable is provided within the box. Also at the bottom is a single button, which once pressed, shows the battery life on the small display at the front, which is very handy.

The unit is compact, it’s somewhat heavy but this is to be expected with any power bank. It can stand up on a flat surface, providing access to all three cables which is needed, as you can charge three devices at once. This will drain the battery faster but is handy if you have multiple devices that need charging, or your mate also needs a boost.


Charge speed seemed fine, fast enough for me, with 18watts max output via the USB C port. With my iPhone 13, I managed 1.5 full charges. I also charged my switch which did work but wasn’t as efficient.

At ¬£34.99, it’s on the higher side for power banks with a similar battery capacity AND built-in cables. I like the shape, size and cable options but getting the cables out of the body is not easy. It’s 2023 and unfortunately, powerbanks are a necessity, so there is a place for this in the market.