iPhone 7 Best Cases Roundup

The iPhone 7 has been with us for a little while now and accessories are coming in fast for the Apple flagship. We’ve decided to concentrate on cases for this roundup, because if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably be worried about scratching or marking that shiny jet black gloss colour you’ve gone for. So without further adue, here is our iPhone 7 Best Cases Roundup.


Gear 4 Black Carnaby

Gear4 has been making cases for a while now. And with the release of their new Carnaby model for the iPhone 7 under their Black brand, Gear4 has got protection down to a tee. The case utilises their highly tested D3O technology making this case best in class for scratch protection and accidental impacts.drops. I would recommend  this case for Apple’s new Jet Black gloss style iPhone.



X-Doria Defence Gear

X-Doria’s new Defence Gear case for the iPhone 7 looks as if it’s just beamed down from the Enterprise. This futuristic model combines black rubber with a metal backplate with transparent white and red accents down each side. For all you sci-fi heads out there, look no further. X-Doria has your iPhone case sorted.



Cygnett Real Curve Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Cygnett are new to TechNuovo but not shunned. Their extremely tough tempered glass screen protectors will benefit those who like to keep multiple things inside their pockets or bags next to their iPhone 7s. The sheet of black has a nine layer construction method making this extra tough for things like scratch and impact protection. It sticks to your iPhone’s screen using an adhesive back, so it definitely isn’t going anywhere.



Cygnett Urban Shield

The Cygnett UrbanShield is extremely thin, but doesn’t compromise on the level of protection on offer for your shiny new iPhone 7. The brushed aluminium backing plate looks absolutely stunning and would suit many styles of fashion. Inside there is a soft almost rubbery type layer to keep your phone in the best condition possible. The lightweight slimline frame has cut out holes for your buttons so using your iPhone isn’t compromised.



Ted Baker AW16 Entries

These are by far the sexiest looking cases on the market for iPhone 7. Influenced by Ted Baker’s flowery ensemble for their latest Autumn/Winter ’16 collection, these cases may not be the toughest on this list, but will definitely turn heads when you get your iPhone out in a crowd. And priced pretty fairly, I can see these being a popular model.


Snugg Legacy Series Flip

For everyone who doesn’t fancy anything too futuristic like the X-Doria or head turning like the Ted Baker stunners, there’s Snugg and their pretty plain looking Legacy Series Flip folio case. Construction and manufacturing looks and feels great, with space to secure your iPhone 7 inside. There is even a pouch for an ID card or credit card so you don’t have to carry around a wallet with you anymore. Inside is covered in a soft velvet to keep th escreen nice, while the outside is surrounded with a leather finish. You can find more information here.



Snugg Infinity Range

The Infinity Range is a two piece set case. The first part is made from rubber and covers the entirety of the back and sides of the phone. The second part is a solid piece that keeps the rubber section Snugg to the phone. The side buttons are covered by rubber sections so most of the iPhone will be covered. Pair this with the  UrbanShield above and you’ve got yourself a near unbreakable phone. You can find more information here.



So there you have it. A in depth round up of some of the best iPhone 7 cases on the market at the moment. For anyone who needs to keep their phone in tip top contitions, you know who you are, then definitely check out the cases we spoke about today.

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