JBL Everest 300 Bluetooth Headphones Review

JBL has been in audio market for quite some time now. We’ve checkout out their in-ear Everest 100 before, and even a handful of portable Bluetooth speakers like the Pulse 2 and all have been extremely positive to use. Hopefully the JBL Everest 300 on-ear headphones will follow this trend.

With phones like the iPhone 7 without that crucial headphone jack coming to the market, manufacturers are turning to Bluetooth for their prefered connection to a mobile. With the Everest 300s, connecting them to your mobile is seamless, and takes seconds. There’s a 20 hour battery life to the Everest 300s which is great for those out and about for a weekend away.


Inside the box you will find very mnimal packaging with the headphones being at the forefront. You can also find a microUSB charging cable that’s compatible with any phone chargers or even your laptop computer for quick charging. There is a 3.5mm auxilary cable for those without Bluetooth and also a quick start guide.

The JBL Everest 300 headphones are solid, built to a high standard that can keep up with many of the top dogs of the audio industry. They are made of a pretty tough plastic, but the hinges where the cans connect to the band are metal for a smoother glide and also less likely to snap in transport. The padding that sits on top of  your head is soft, so it doesn’t feel like it’s digging in after a while.


The pads that fit over your ears are incredibly spongy which makes wearing these headphones really comfortable. I wore them on several commutes and while I was in my office and had no complaints in this department. I will say that they are pretty small. I had to wear them close to the widest position to feel completely natural. They wouldn’t sit around my neck without causing a bit of strangulation and felt uncomfortable.

On the left earcup you can find a volume rocker while on the right is the power and a connection button. All buttons feel very robust and solid. A superb feature of these cans is the connection. Yes it uses Bluetooth 4.1 to connect to your mobile device, but it also kicks out a Bluetooth signal of its own so two users can use wireless headphones to listen to one device. It’s a quirky feature, and one that makes total sense if you were like me and shared one bud from a set of in-ear headphones with your friends.


After finishing a phone call with my family, I can say that they were impressed with the audio quality from the JBL Everest 300s. They said my voice was really clear, even though I had a hood up with rain crashing down on top of me. They heard every word I said and not once did they say pardon. It’s a really sensitive mic and works well considering it’s built into the headphones itself. The caller also sounded clear, phoning me from Samsung mobiles.

The audio quality of the JBL Everest 300s is absolutely superb. The audio giant, which form part of Harmon Kardon have never ceased to impress with their audio quality.The audio sounds full, loud, and has a really tight mix of highs and lows within tracks. However, the very low-end bass frequencies seem a little cut off. I admit it does depend on what type of music you listen to. I’m a rock head, so overdriven guitars and crashing drums are perfect, but for those listening to more electronic based music or even some low orchestral type music may be a little put off.


The JBL Everest 300 headphones are definitely a superb choice for any music lovers out there who want to invest in an on-ear pair of headphones. They won’t shroud your ear completely, but the spongy pads will keep out most unwanted background noise except things like traffic and building work. They are currently retailing for around £119.99 and are available from JBL direct.