It’s that time of year again, Christmas 2016 where our inner children seems to pop out and get us all giddy. CHRISTMAS! It’s our favourite time of year. New tech is released, Call of Duty makes an appearance with a new installment, and we cram around our TVs waiting for John Lewis to tug at our heart-strings. Remember the penguin? Yeah… that one kicked us right in the feels. But it wouldn’t be Christmas here at TechNuovo if we didn’t share with you some of the most interesting tech we’ve seen this year. So sit back with your plate of mince pies, and check out some of the most useful tech we’ve seen this year.


Juice Extreme Power Bank

Its becoming more important than ever to stay connected on your phone or tablet, and with battery improvements being slow, the need for extra battery power is vital. The Juice Extreme Power Bank is what you need this Christmas, so you can continue using your crucial devices while out and about enjoying the festivities. The Juice Extreme is a fast charge, tough and portable power bank, with a powerful 5600mAh battery and two USB ports for simultaneous multi device charge. The battery is capable of charging your iPhone 6 twice over, and have a little spare for something else! It’s rugged, it’s durable, it’s safe and it’s a must have this Christmas! At a mere £24.99, this is the perfect tech stocking filler for your friends and family. For further info and to purchase, visit the official Juice website.



JAM Multi Room WiFi Speakers

JAM Audio have branched out and released their first range of wireless, multi room speakers. The range includes the JAM Symphony and JAM Rhythm. The Rhythm, the smaller of the two is compact and portable, yet will fill any small to medium-sized room with glorious sounds. The slightly larger Symphony, is for those larger rooms and will ensure your party rocks! These premium Wi-Fi speakers offer the power to build a complete home sound solution without complex wiring or expensive installation, at an affordable and highly competitive price. The JAM Rhythm (£69.99), and JAM Symphony speaker (£169.99) are available at Currys & PC World, HMV stores and Right now, you can purchase both speakers from the official JAM Audio website, for just £169.99, that’s right, buy one, get one free!!


Canon IXUS180

Every year my Mother and Grandma scrabble around to look for the camera. Even though the majority of us on Christmas Day in the house have them built into our smart phones, they’re still interested in the old skool point and shoots. Well Canon now has you sorted. With the IXUS180 model now coming in a variety of colours, they’re definitely vibrant enough to suit anyone’s style. Whether it’s a festive red, a deep blue or even a modern black, you can’t go wrong with one of these. With 20 megapixels and a 10x optical zoom built-in, you’re going to be getting amazing results every time. Much better than that of your shiny new iPhone 7. These snappers are currently retailing for £128.99 and are available directly from Canon themselves.


Game of Thrones Merchandise

“Winter is coming”… If you didn’t get that reference, you shouldn’t be reading this! It is of course a quote from the ever popular TV series Game of Thrones and what better to give a die-hard fan this Christmas, than official Game of Thrones loot! The HBO store has a wide array of stocking fillers, plus a few special pieces for the super fans but with prices as low as £6.99, there is something to suit every budget. Highlights for us include the GoT version of Cluedo, which I’m sure will be a huge hit on Christmas Day. There are also models and figurines, with the Funko Pops being a particular love here at TechNuovo! Browse the official HBO store and I’m certain you will find something for everyone!


Wingback Custom Embroidered iPhone 6 Cases

Fancy a bit of personalisation for a gift this year? Then Wingback has you sorted. The British made leather products ranging from wallets to an iPhone 6 case can be custom created by yourself. From start to finish you have a choice of which leather you want the item made from as well as the colour of stiching. There’s even a chance to put your own personal inscribed message on the item so whether it’s an ‘I Love You’ message to your girlfriend, or a ‘Take The Trash Out’ reminder to your husband, no gift will be the same. You can find more information about these wonderful products on the Wingback website.


 Tablets And More From eBay

This year, eBay has got you covered for all things tech! eBay have multiple, distinguished sellers, offering a wide range of tech related products that are ready to purchase, both new, used and refurbished stock. I could list all the tech you can buy via eBay, but there’s too much! You’ll just have to take my word for it. There are tablets on offer such as the Asus Z300CX ZenPad, which is currently available for just £89.99. This tablet has it all: super fast Intel Atom quad-core processor, 2GB ram, 16GB storage, beautiful 10.1″ touchscreen display and finished off with the latest Android operating system. We actually tried this out in the office and for the price, you will not be disappointed! We loved the vibrant, large screen, speedy performance and its light weight. Look no further than eBay this Christmas for all your tech needs!


Festive FLAVR Phone Cases

We put up a tree, decorate the house, the TechNuovo office gets some decorations, so why shouldn’t our phones? FLAVR, the new lifestyle brand from Strax GmbH has launched a wide selection of festive phone cases for iPhone 5s to 7s and also the Samsung Galaxy 7 and 7 Edge. They offer traditional festive patterns, iconic Christmas scenes, Santa ones, semi rude ones, modern ones, including one of Santa dabbing! Cases are available online or from Carphone Warehouse and are available from just £9.99. A perfect secret Santa gift or just a little something to yourself to get you in the festive spirit! To see whats on offer and to purchase, visit the official FLAVR website.


Belkin Valet Charge Dock for iPhone and iWatch

With the release of the iPhone 7 earlier this year, many of us are praying to Santa to bring us one, me included. But gone are the times of plugging your phone into a wall socket. Pssh, that’s just lame. No, now it’s the time to get your proper docks out so you can display the wonderous beauty of the iPhone 7 in your home. What’s more, if you also have a iWatch, then this product is for you. This Belkin Valet Dock comes with stands so you can simultaneously charge your iPhone and iWatch at the same time, and turn them into a piece of modern art in your lounge. They’re currently retailing at around £99.95 and are available directly from the online Apple Store.


AKG K52 Headphones

We love our music. It’s something that makes the world go round, or our commute times feel shorter. AKG know this, and that’s why they make some of the best headphones in the world. But with all companies, there are low and top-tier models, and these AKG K52s, although part of their budget range, are still a solid and superb sounding set of cans. Their frequency response absolutely trumps all over any kind of headphones that come as an added accessory, and even some more expensive models that are currently sitting on the shelves. The AKG K52s retail at £35 and are available on the AKG website.


 Nikon D3400 Entry-Level DSLR

Following on from their extremely popular Nikon D3300, the 3400 has made many improvements for people looking to embark on their photography journeys. The D3400 is an entry-level model, but still packs enough punch to produce some really great photographs. With 24 megapixels and an Expeed 4 Processor, you’ll never want to look at another point and shoot camera again. The Nikon D3400 is available from some of your favourite high street retail outlets as well as online and retails for around £335.


Minipresso NS Portable Espresso Machine

Depending on how early you wake up, or for us, how late you stay awake working, then coffee will no doubt be your best friend. But going into Costa Coffee in the morning cuts into those crucial minutes that you require for maximum lay in. This is why Minipresso has your back. It’s a portable-like Espresso machine that uses the Nespresso cartridges to make your favourite brew. The hand-powered espresso maker is on offer at the moment from Bear&Bear for £48 which to us, for the amount of time it takes to prepare a kettle boiled coffee is an absolute steal.


Flux Lighter – The New Way To Light Up In 2016

So this is a weird one for us. We don’t usually cover smoking paraphernalia, but this has really caught our eye. It’s called a Flux Lighter, and no, before you say it, it would not fit inside your DeLorean. The Flux Lighter follows the Zippo flip style, but instead of finding a wick ad flame when you spark it, the button where the flint would usually be found activated two beams of electricity, hot enough to light a cigarette. Oh, and it’s USB rechargeable. That’s amazing. No more worries of running out of lighter fluid again.


Snakehive Mobile Phone Case

You’ve just sunk £700 into your brand new smart phone, that’s a lot of money. You of course want to keep it fresh, and the thought of any scratches unknowingly appearing across that shiny gloss back sends shivers down your spine. So why not invest in a brand new Snakehive Folio case for your new handset? It looks absoslutely beautiful and will do your luxury mobile phone some justice. They’re currently available for around £20 so get yours now.



So there you have it. A sweet bunch of gifts that would work really well as stocking fillers. We will be adding to the list over the Christmas period, so make sure you keep checking back to see what kind of cool tech we’ve found. Now leave us. We must put up our Christmas decorations and wait for Santa.