iFrogz Impulse Duo Wireless Earphones Review


iFrogz, part of the Zagg family, produce a variety of mobile accessories, including cases, power banks, headphones, earphones and speakers. They sent us through a pair of their Impulse Duo Dual Driver Wireless Earphones, which is one of their more premium audio products for us to try out. iFrogz claim these earphones offer a premium sound quality, with a long battery life, so let’s open the box and get these plugged in!

Features iFrogz list:

  • Premium Sound: Dynamic dual drivers deliver twice the sound to each ear.
  • 6mm Dual Neodymium Drivers per Earbud: Powerful and lightweight drivers deliver crisp, clear sound.
  • Wireless Control: The wireless control clips to your shirt collar so that convenient music and call controls are easily within reach.
  • Cable Management: Your wireless control features a magnetic clip that securely stores the earbuds when they’re not in use.
  • 10 Hours of Battery: 10 hours of battery life in between charges keeps your playlist going, song after song.
  • IPX-2 Sweat Resistance: A sweat-resistant design meets IPX-2 standards to keep the music going through any workout.
  • Three Sizes of Earbud Tips: Impulse Duo Wireless comes with 3 different sizes of earbud tips to give a customized fit.
  • Earbud Tips for Life™: If your earbud tips become worn or damaged, IFROGZ will replace them.

Okay, so these earphones have the usual features you would expect to see. The things that stand out for me, include the battery life, which is decent and the ‘earbud tips for life’. The latter stand out for me as being pointless? I have never known an earbud tip to become worn or damaged. I have however lost many times, but something tells me loss of earbuds is not included.

In the box you will find the earphones, spare ear buds (small/medium/large), a USB cable for charging the earphones and some instructions. No sign of a carry case or bag, which is a little disappointing. The earphones come in a cardboard box, with plastic insert and protect them very well indeed.


The earphones come in either a silver or black/grey finish and we received the latter. The earphones are a blend of satin dark grey/black and a lighter grey, the lighter grey being a rough textured, matte finish, almost like a very fine sandpaper. The remote control follows suit, with the rough light grey finish to the surround, and the dark finish on top. The controller has three buttons, all of which can be used to control the earphones/device your audio is being played on. One thing I really like, is the magnetic plastic strip behind the controller, which allows you to curl up the cables around the controller and the magnetic strip secures them in place. It’s a great feature that allows your cables to be neatly stored. This is also how the earphones are delivered in the box, with the cable being wrapped around the controller. The earphones are light, not to clunky in your ears and with the three different sized earbuds, should fit most ears with ease.


These earphones are wireless, in the form of Bluetooth and thus, have a small battery in the remote control to allow for this. That means they need to be charged and there is a micro USB port on the controller for this. Charge time is a couple of hours, if that, and allows for  around the 10 hours of playback iFrogz advertises. I used the earphones over the course of the week and after a few days, the battery was depleted. I would say I had used them for 8-10 hours.

To set up the earphones, you follow the same process any other Bluetooth device uses. Turn on said earphones, turn on Bluetooth on your device, pair the two and away you go. Using the earphones was also very easy, a simple tap of the center button would play/pause tracks (hold down for on/off) and a tap on either of the other buttons would increase/decrease the volume (hold down for change track left/right).dual_driver-coiled-black_1Sound quality wise, really very good, surprisingly good actually for the cost. They offer a very well balanced mix in your ears and the amount of bass provided, is perfect (for me!). Over the few days I used them, I listened to everything from Justin Bieber to System Of A Down and in every case, it sounded sweeeet! Build quality is also on point.

The iFrogz Impulse Duo Wireless Earphones retail for just £44.99 and at that price, I recommend you get some. Any negatives? Not really, I used them at my desk, so can’t comment on the ‘sweat proof’ feature and even though they were comfortable in my ears, they did fall out occasionally at random times. For more info and to purchase, visit the official iFrogz website.

P.S This official statement can be found on the iFrogz site… “WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Proposition 65″. What does that mean?! I for one certainly won’t be eating my earphones and you shouldn’t either!

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