During an enjoyable week with the new Cloud Stinger Wireless headset from Hyper X, I was also testing out their latest mouse instalment, the Pulsefire Dart. I’ve been using the Pulsefire Surge for several months now and it’s been a joy to use but now, the Dart offers a different shape and it is wireless, with wireless charging capabilities. Here’s what I thought.

Technical Spec
– 2.4GHz wireless connection
– Upto 50 hours of battery life
– Wireless Qi charging
– Pixart 3389 sensor [16000 DPI / 450 IPS / 50G]
– 6 buttons
– Left/Right have Omron switches (50mil clicks durability)

The Pixart 3389 can also be found in the Surge, along with up to 16000 DPI, so I imagine performance will be similar, if not identical. The ChargePlay base is Qi certified, mains powered and capable of charging up to two devices.


The mouse comes complete with a USB charging cable, the associated USB dongle to connect it to your PC and also an extension cable for said dongle, allowing you to extend the signal range. You can charge the mouse via the provided USB type C cable, wireless charging is an optional extra. The charging base comes with a power adapter and associated cable.


The mouse is for right-handed users only and there doesn’t appear to be a left-handed option available right now. The mouse ergonomically designed for both palm and claw grips and has padded leatherette sections either side of it for added comfort. It has a split button design, so clicks towards the back of the buttons will register as easily as clicks at the front. There is also a DPI select button and two thumb trigger buttons that can be assigned how you wish. There are two large skates on the bottom of the mouse for easy gliding, along with an on/off button.

As always, we gamers love RGB and although there isn’t as much on the Dart as there is on the Surge, the scroll wheel and logo do illuminate. The lighting is customisable via the NGENUITY software, as is DPI settings, macros and battery life.


Set up was very straight forward, just plug the mouse into the PC via the provided USB cable and the necessary drivers will be installed automatically. The mouse didn’t come charged for me, hence the wired connection at first but after an hour, I removed the cable, plugged the dongle into the cable via the adapter and continued using the mouse wirelessly. You can plug the USB dongle straight into your PC but the extension cable and adapter is a very useful thing. Not only does it reduce the chances of the pairing losing signal but if the mouse ran out of battery, the cable can be inserted directly into the front of the mouse and you can continue to use it. Hyper X state a 50hr battery life, which I’m yet to reach and may never reach, as I always leave the mouse on the charging mat.


As expected, performance in terms of sensitivity, responsiveness and smoothness was very similar, if not identical to the Surge and it’s great. The DPI options (upto 5) are solid and can be easily changed via the button below the scroll wheel. I played for hours with the Dart, a few moba matches, some fps fun and mmorpg roaming, on various DPI settings and the Dart delivered. Don’t forget to install the free NGENUITY software, to get the most out of the mouse.

I am a palm grip kinda guy and the shape of the mouse, plus those cushioned areas made for a very comfortable experience. The cushioned sections were an odd sensation at first, they sit proud from the casing and are quite firm but I liked it. I get the feeling the leatherette may fade and/or it may not be as hygienic. It’s worth noting that there is no weight system to the mouse, you cannot add or omit weights to suit your play style.


As for the ChargePlay Base, it’s sleek, it’s easy to use and it charges quickly. The base is mains powered, with a 15W total output and can charge two different Qi-enabled devices, simultaneously. There is an LED strip either side of the dividing section of the base, one for each charging position and indicates when the charge is complete (the LED will disappear). You can charge any Qi device on this base, no need to stick to Hyper X products. Just make sure your device is correctly positioned on top of the white circles and wait for the light to turn on.


The Pulsefire Dart is a step up from the Surge, both on ergonomics and for the inclusion of wireless technology. As for performance, it’s similar, if not identical due to the use of the same components as the Surge and the Surge also has better RGB goodness. The ChargePlay Base is a welcomed add on to the Dart, thats not necessary but a nice to have and it does add some elegance to the setup. I can recommend one of the larger mouse mats too, they’re very good.

The Dart currently retails at £109.99, while the base retails at £59.99. For more info, head over to the official Hyper X website.