Gen Zs Will Work Future Jobs That Don’t Exist Today

The future is a scary thing to think about. Where will you be in 50 years? What will Earth be like? Will it still be here? Where will I be living? What will my job be? That’s probably the most scariest question. Where will I be working and will I be able to pay my bills? Well… maybe, unless the robots take over.

Gen Zs though, they’ve not got much to worry about, as research shows that they’ll be working jobs that don’t exist in today’s marketplace. And according to that same research, Gen Zs are feeling annoyed about their current education standards as it’s not gearing them up for future careers.

Inspired by the above, the Not a School programme recently launched; an education initiative designed to give youths of today the necessary tech skills for future careers, including lessons in understanding AI and balancing ethics with the online world.

Today, 600,000 tech jobs in the UK are left vacant due to skills shortages which is mental if you think about unemployment rates currently in the UK.

And not surprisingly, four in 10 Gen Z and millennial school leavers believe their time in compulsory education and even university has fully prepared them for a future workplace. Which again, is crazy. I can relate though. My time at university has no way reflected on what I do for a living.

Which directly links to the next point, that one in four adults believe their skills do not match the skills required for their current job role. Okay, I’m not sure I agree with that, unless you are the biggest blagger ever. You won’t be in your employment if your skills weren’t good enough to do that job. But again, this reverts back to the type of preparation that comes from your education/training.

This year’s course is finishing up, but applications for 2020 are opening at the end of November. The whole thing is run by a partnership between Samsung and Inspiring Creatives who are going to be contributing to the course with exclusive seminars. You can find more on the whole experience on the Samsung KX website.


The Not A School pre-reg has been opened, so make sure you don’t miss out. For the registration form, head over to the Samsung website.

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