Have you ever had the feeling that you should have waited before buying a piece of tech? Not that I regret my purchase or anything, I’m pretty happy with my Hisense U7, because you know, the H8G and H9G are literally non-existent here in the UK, but looking at the new announcement that Hisense has made today, it gave me a bit of FOMO.

Mr Fisher Yu took to the stage to introduce Hisense and what they have achieved in 2020 like 25 million display products sold, 1000+ smart life services and products and the number one TV manufacturer in China.

Being mainly a TV screen manufacturer, Hisense is also involved in gaming monitors and even screens within the healthcare industry.

But their press conference came to be a bit of a disappointment. Although yes, Hisense are quickly becoming a market leader with their televisions, they didn’t show off anything new. Their hero product of the conference was the 100L9-PRO, which is Hisense’s 100″ Limited Edition laser television.

The 100L9-PRO forms part of Hisense’s TriChroma laser TV product line which features a newly designed laser, that utilises different coloured lasers to produce an image that Hisense are claiming is 20% easier to look at than a printed piece of paper. The 100L9-Pro is also claiming wider viewing angles as well as a 128% colour gamut coverage which includes 107% coverage of BT.2020 and 150% coverage across the DCI-P3 colour gamut. Lastly, Hisense said the 100L9-PRO can hit a max brightness of 430nits, which for HDR content isn’t really up to scratch.

Along with the news of their 100L9-Pro, Hisense also claimed they will be coming into 2021 with new 8K TVs that utilise their mini LED technology called ULED of which can produce 120Hz refresh rates. They’re definitely going after the gaming market with this announcement and trying to beat competitors to the punch with cheaper televisions on the market, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As I said at the start, I’ve got myself a Hisense U7, and couldn’t be happier with the purchase.