Our good friends at Edifier are showcasing a number of new products at this years CES. It’s a shame we’re not there in person to try some of these out, so we have to rely on the information provided, until we get to try them out ourselves. One new pair of earphones, one new Bluetooth speaker and a bit of push on an already announced product.

“With consumer needs changing in an instant, we strive to be just as flexible without cutting any corners on quality,” said Stanley Wen, Edifier’s CTO. “We continue to bring our users the unmatched audio experience in a more convenient, travel and budget-friendly package for gaming, music and video enjoyment. Our newest products highlight Edifier’s attention to aesthetic and ergonomic design detail matched with superior sound quality and affordability.”

Edifier GM5 Earbuds

With the GM5’s eight-hour playback time and additional 32 hours via its portable charging case, combined with Qualcomm AptX low-latency technology, level after level can be completed without any lagging or low battery notifications for gamers, streamers, or mobile show bingers. With mobile gaming and video streaming being top of mind, countless trials and tests were conducted to ensure that the truly wireless earbuds would meet the true gamer’s specific needs.

With its environmental noise-canceling technology (ENC) and four microphones, mobile gaming and on-call communication is now truly portable and allows you to clearly communicate from anywhere, regardless of environmental background noise. With two different audio profiles, your listening experience is enhanced and modified to further immerse yourself in your game, video, or music. When coming back to the real world, simply pause by removing an earbud or switch from dual to single earbud mode in one swift motion. GM5 will launch in March 2021 with a retail price of $79.


Edifier D12 Bluetooth Speaker

Edifier’s D12 Bluetooth speakers allow users to create their own personal sound oasis no matter where they are. The speaker’s acoustic structure, which features Bluetooth V5.0, provides a pure, undistorted, high-quality sound in a portable package with a solid frame in a stylish wood grain finish. Made with 4 sound units, the D12 speakers offer beautifully balanced sound with high-low frequency separation and deeper tones not previously found in traditional desktop speakers. Boasting a 20W2 bass and a 15W2 treble, every song will be heard as the artist intended, creating a pure auditory experience. D12 will launch on February 20, 2021 with a retail price of $99.

We’ve tried a number of their products before, so I’m confident both will be great, especially the speaker. However, targeting gamers with earbuds? Console or PC gamers, they just wont use it and is mobile gaming that serious enough for a gaming specific pair of buds? We’ll see and I’ll try and get a pair to let you know more!