Although we’re a little late to the party with this one, and the fact that Samsung came out a little early with their new television line-up, we still wanted to share their news with you, as Samsung is coming in strong with a decent lineup of new TVs for 2021.

There’s no denying that Samsung revolves around putting screens into everything. Their CES 2021 press conference even saw white good like their new fridges feature new panels that can be used for cooking tutorial videos. But, the most exciting thing for us has to be their new Neo QLED technology.

The new technology is centred around Samsung’s Quantum Mini LED backlight, but the new tech uses Quantum Matrix Technology. The Mini LEDs inside the new Samsung televisions are super small, and each one individually can turn on or off completely and are promised to be brighter than OLED which in itself will produce much higher contrast levels. This is where the Quantum Matrix Technology comes in. It helps precisely control how bright the LEDs get, which in turn prevents blooming around bright objects, which has been a bit of an issue in the past, especially with bright objects on dark backgrounds.

The new Neo Quantum processor uses AI algorithms to improve the quality of your image, in real-time, and also again upscale to an 8K image as we’ve seen before in Samsung’s 2020 Q range of televisions, and I must say now that having the first-hand experience with their Q950 at the end of last year, it’s already super impressive so I’m excited to see what they can come up with this time around. There’s also Quantum HDR too which analyses your image on a scene by scene basis and makes adjustments to colour and contrast on the fly, based on what is shown.

And with Object Tracking Sound, Samsung is able to utilise side firing speakers to give you a better sense of placement inside of a scene.

The new 2021 Neo QLED 8K television features a brand new Infinity One Design, which is near bezel-less, giving users much more immersive viewing. How much skinner compared to the already thin Q950T of 2020 is to be seen, but TVs without borders gets a huge thumbs up from me. There’s also a new thin One Connect Box for all of your inputs. And of course, Samsung offers all of their Smart Home apps, like Samsung Health for workouts, Google Duo for video calls, and an interesting one now is Samsung Gaming with GameView, which enables users to play games in a 32:9 aspect ratio and GameBar, a way to turn on game focussed features like Freesync Premium and changing your aspect ratio on the fly.

NeoQuantum and MiniLED wasn’t the only thing shown off by the television giant. Samsung also pulled out the big guns and showcased their new MicroLED range of televisions, which come in a whopping 110-inch and 99-inch respectively. There has been a promise of smaller models later on this year, but right now it feels like a bit of a PR campaign, and these TVs are well off the radar for the everyday consumer. I mean, who has room for 110″ televisions right?

Well, it is the first time that Samsung’s MicroLED tech has hit what they’re calling consumer-grade televisions and bringing their Monolith design screens to the living room. There’s a 99% screen to body ratio, so you can expect to see super-skinny bezels on the giant panel. One feature that Samsung has plucked right out from Back To The Future interested me. It’s called Samsung’s 4Vue which allows users to view up to four different sources at once. So for example, if you’re a gamer who is watching a walkthrough on YouTube while playing that game on your Xbox while watching a sports game, and keeping up with the news, all at the same time. Remember Marty McFly in Back To The Future 2? He chooses all those different channels to watch at once? That’s Samsung 4Vue, and it’s absolutely a reflection of today’s society and our lack of attention spans.

With all-new TVs for 2021, Samsung is also bringing a solar-powered remote control, that can charge from the lights of your home, outdoor light coming through the window and even USB connectivity. They’ve projected saving of 99 million AAA batteries with this new remote feature.

So what do you think of Samsung’s announcement for their new TVs? Of course, the new Monolith design TVs are going to be a bit of a stretch until those smaller models come out. But what about Quantum Mini LED? Is this something you think you’d like to own in the future? It has some wonderful features and some really promising image quality. I hope we get to see one in the future, it’s something that’s excited us at TechNuovo. Anyway, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.