Groov-e Product Round Up


This is our round up of the latest Groov-e products available now.

Groov-e Motion Sports Headphones

Sports Bluetooth headphones with a wrap around neckband for added support when jogging or cycling. As the headphones are Bluetooth, they need to be set up. It’s very easy to do. Hold one of the ear pods until you hear the beep, then they will show up on your smart device. Pair the two together and away you go! The sound quality is decent but does lack in the bass area a little. I made a phone call while connected and they worked as they should and had no complaints from the person on the other end of the phone. The only bad point about the headphones is that they are a one size fits all. They did stay on my head while I went for a run on the treadmill but when I pushed them against my ears, I got a much richer sound. If they could constantly be tight against my ears I would have enjoyed them more.

  • Bluetooth
  • Hands Free Microphone
  • Rechargable Battery 10-12 hrs playback – 2.5hr charge
  • Neckband Style
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Ideal for sports
  • foldable design, with carry bag and usb charging cable
  • Price : £34.99



Groov-e Sports Clip Earphones

Designed for all your sporting activities, these white earphones come complete with a hook of sorts that go around your ear for added support. I used these on my treadmill and they stayed in at all times. I do feel this was more down to the choice of earbud size, mine was number three, rather than the hook itself. They were easy and comfortable to use. You only get an option of size for the earbuds, not the hook, so the hook is one size fits all which isn’t ideal. The quality of the sound produced is actually quite good. There is a good mix of tones, with plenty of bass. Overall, better than the headphones mentioned above. At the price, we would recommend these to anyone!

  • Flexible earhook
  • Sweat resistance
  • In Ear buds
  • 1.2m cord length
  • Different sizes ear buds
  • Available in four colours
  • Price: £8.99



Groov-e Solar Bank

Finally, the Solar Bank…yes, a power bank with a built in solar panel! The idea is great, disregarding the poor weather the UK usually has ofcourse but will it be any good? The solar bank is rather small, which is against all solar panels rules, as the bigger, the better but as it is so small, its very portable and lightweight. With the built in 6000mAH battery, it charged my iPhone in under two hours and also charged a tablet of mine, both at the same time might I add. Either side of the bank are two USB connections, regular and micro, which means you can charge two things at once. Fine for an Android or USB device but needed additional cables to charge my iPhone. The bank can be charged via conventional 203v plug or via the solar panel. It did charge very well via the sun, but given the 35hr wait time, you cant keep it outside all day. This would be ideal for holidays, camping trips and ignore the solar panel for a minute, it works as a great power bank for on the go charging.

  • 6000mAh
  • Charges two devices at same time, 1A micro usb, 2.4A usb – adaptors included
  • Flashlight
  • Intelligent charging with auto safety cut off.
  • Also works as standard power bank. Charge via usb in 6-7hrs, Charge via sunlight for 35hrs
  • Charge a smartphone in 1.5-2hrs
  • 1 full charge will charge an ipad once or an iphone 2-4times.
  • Case included
  • Price: £49.99


For more info and to purchase any of these items, please visit the Groov-e website now.

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