GoXtreme Rebel Action Cam Review

goxtreme rebel action cam

In a world that’s pretty much dominated by GoPro in the action cam market, it makes it very hard for the little guys to get to the front of media coverage. BUT! That’s where TechNuovo comes into it. We love checking out new products, which is why we’ve taken a look at the GoXtreme Rebel Action Camera.

Because the GoXtreme Rebel works from the GoPro infrastructure, it means that there are a large number of accessories available to it. In the box for example you get a waterproof housing, a tripod mount, a bike mount and an adapter with a screw on the bottom of it which I’m not sure what it’s for. The biggest comparison here is the fact that it needs a waterproof case for those underwater shots whereas GoPro’s newer models are waterproof from the get go.

The action cam itself is very small, and a lot lighter than a GoPro which is great if you’re strapping it to your body or on a bike helmet. The build quality feels significantly more flimsy than their GoPro rivals, which is reflected in the cost of this action cam, but I can’t see it breaking too easily, especially as it’s going to be living in that chunky plastic housing.

The power button can be found on the front, and a menu select button/record button on top. There are two buttons on the left hand side when looking at the camera when looking it at which are used to navigate menus and on the right you can find a microUSB charging port and a micro SD card slot which supports cards up to 128GB. The battery door on the bottom is ever so flimsy. Be careful with it. My nails weren’t strong enough to open it so I had to use a small stanley knife to get into the battery compartment.

There is a 2-inch screen on the back so you can easily see what you’re shooting. The max resolution you’re looking at is 1080p at 30fps which is absolutely fine if you want to take this camera away on holiday with you for those decent home movies. There’s no slow motion ability here and the quality you get from this action cam is pretty much on par with something out of a mobile phone. There’s a minimal amount of image stabilisation but nothing like the new GoPro 5-axis feature. You’ll still pick up a good amount of camera shake, especially if you’re strapping this camera to a bike for example. The lens is also constantly stuck at 140° which gives your shot a fisheye type look which I don’t mind, but that’s really down to personal preference. Colours are also very dull too, which is a shame as you will have to spend some time in post-production to restore the footage back to what was actually shot.

It has built-in WiFi capabilities as well, so you don’t technically need to be looking through the screen the whole time. Your mobile phone acts as an external monitor so you can see what you’re shooting on a larger display, as well as being able to control various functions and settings the camera has which is an absolute touch.

For a cheap budget action cam to take on holiday with you, or even to introduce you into the world of action cams, the GoXtreme Rebel is a decent option. If you’re after GoPro quality, you’re not going to find it here, but then you can’t really expect that from a sub-£50 camera now can you. For more information, head over to the GoXtreme Rebel website.




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