Samsung 75NU7100 Television Review

Samsung NU7100 Television

The Samsung NU7100 is a beast. This is 75 inches of full 4K Ultra HD glory, which actually when you start comparing against other models at this size and spec online, is fairly modest about its pricing. At the time of writing, Samsung wanted around £1,600 for their NU7100 although I have seen places such as the UK retailer Currys selling it for around £1,300, so shop around.

In terms of its design it’s quite tasteful, with a smart glossy rim measuring at around 1.5cm. There’s around 4-inches from table top to the bottom of the screen big enough for some kind of slimline soundbar or even games console.

The TV sits on feet rather than a central stand. Both screw into either side of the panel, and are surprisingly made from plastic. This TV is quite heavy, but the feet managed to hold it up well without any kind of bowing.

There’s a stem on each leg that slides in between the front metal chassis and the rear plastic panel. It’s very easy to install, however, our review unit had an issue with screw holes lining up so we had to botch the leg install. It still worked, but it did cause the TV to lean forward a bit.

At 75″, portability is not one of its strong points. I could just about man-handle a 65 inch we had here a while back, but believe me, I could not even stretch my arms comfortably wide enough to reach both edges. It’s absolutely huge.

I have never used a 75 inch television before, and was somewhat shocked when we finally got it on top of our heavy wooden unit. Can’t help thinking I would not use a glass one for this. Wall mounting is, of course, an option as there are universal VESA mounts on the back measuring around 200 x 200mm.

Around the rear you will also find three HDMI ports with one being ARC compatible, two USB inputs, an optical port for external sound. There’s even an Ethernet port for those of you lucky enough to have your router by your TV for the best net connections. Wireless setup is an option though and it worked well on my setup using a repeater box.

This is a mid-range television. Samsung has its own screen rating system called picture quality index that runs from 100 to over 3000. The NU7100 is 1300, so middle. And that is good enough, especially considering the size and price. My other half hated the size, I enjoyed it.

Being a native 4K 3840 x 2160 television means that if you’re like us, subscribed to the higher tiered Netflix package, you can enjoy some wonderfully crisp 4K content. I’m actually watching Planet Earth II and watching an eagle blast over a mountain range is absolutely breathtaking. So much so that’s it’s distracting me from my writing.

Looking around online, this television does a good job of filling around 98.5% of the sRGB colour gamut. Definitely not the best with LG TVs hitting near 100% scores, but it still looks amazing, and really these are only something you would see if you had both TVs side by side. Did I mention Planet Earth II looks amazing?

HDR however, isn’t the best we’ve seen on a television, simply because Samsung have opted to edge light the TV so there’s no local dimming which is a shame.

I used a 5.1 surround sound system with this television, as it slotted right into our living room set up and I didn’t ever really touch on-board audio as TV speakers are known to be trash. For those of you without external sound setups, you’re getting two-channel audio at 2ow. Although I would still recommend anyone to at least get a soundbar.

I didn’t delve much into the picture settings, because Samsung have done a damn good job in optimising them from the get go. The one thing I did turn on the Auto Motion Plus Setting to around half way, just to give me a smoother looking image without making it look too fake. This worked especially well for gaming rather than movies.

Samsung use their standard SmartThings technology when it comes to apps and features that require an internet connection to use. This gives you access in-television to video-on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as a web browser and Gallery for photo playback.

It also came preinstalled with McAfee Security for TV which I found a little odd, but maybe people are now hacking televisions maybe? I didn’t set it up because McAfee kind of sucks. Well they do on PC so not sure I’d trust them here. My NAS drive was instantly recognised as a media player too so setup was simple there and when I plugged in my Xbox One, it automatically detected it as a games console and set it to 4K 60fps gaming which looked pretty phenomenal.

So, if you are looking for a nice new set in time for Christmas, and don’t want to spend too much, then this giant could well be the one for you, as long as you’ve got the space for it of course. We saw some online complaints about lean, but we feel if we had been able to get the full set of screws fitted, our lean would have been minimised.


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