We first came across Olloclip way back when we were still rocking a Samsung S5 phone. It was a great little device but it was built for that phone specifically as a cage that wrapped around the top corner of the device. Now that phones are coming out quicker than I can type per minute, Olloclip have adapted into a new way of working – the Multi-Device Clip.

The small product as advertised clips onto almost any smartphone on the market. We’ve now tried it with a couple of mid-range handsets and a Google Pixel 3, and it fit on two out of three, thanks to the camera position of the one phone it wasn’t compatible with. Of course there’s always one, But for this review, we used our Google Pixel 3 as that has the superior camera.

The clip is designed to fit the lens flush to the camera on the back of your phone. It does this by gripping your phone in its vice, in which it did rather well. Unfortunately, we’re not sure whether it was our review unit, or it’s how the product came, but we found ourselves having to squeeze the clip together. It could even be the fact that the Google Pixel 3 is so skinny itself. I would have liked the Olloclip Multi Device Clip to be a little tighter from the get go.

However when used with a case, this worked out really well in terms of the clip gripping the phone, but as you can see from all the examples, it left a vignette around the actual photograph which doesn’t look bad in my opinion, but may put some people off.

We were sent two lenses – the wide-angle and super wide in which the latter is a pretty chunky bit of kit for an external camera lens. There are a ton of other options you can go for which can be found on the Olloclip website which include a macro too. Please note, that you can only use the Connect X lenses that Olloclip sell. It’s not compatible with older models.

The great thing about the clip is the fact it can be used on the selfie cam too, so if you’re using a Google Pixel 3 like we were it’s capable of taking wide angle selfies anyway. Pair this with an Olloclip wide-angle lens and you’ve got an even wider field of view.

The price I must admit may be a little off-putting for some, as lenses can set you back around £45 a time, but I must say the quality is definitely there. For more information then head over to the Olloclip website.