Goodmans NOD DAB Radio Alarm Clock Review


Goodmans have been around for many years now and have always had a presence in the radio market. They have several radios available right now and we were lucky enough to check out one of there more premium radios, the NOD.

The NOD is a DAB digital alarm clock radio, with USB charging and the spec looks like this:

  • DAB+ Digital Clock Radio
  • FM Tuner
  • Twin USB Charging Ports for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Dual Alarm
  • Daily, Weekly or Weekend Alarm Settings
  • Large Dimmable Display
  • 20 Station Presets (10 x DAB and 10 x FM)
  • Sleep and Snooze Features
  • Auxilary Input
  • Headphone Socket
  • Powered by 5V 3A DC Adapter

Out of the box the radio greets us with its striking looks. It’s square in shape, with a large display and button on the front, a speaker and further buttons on the top, scrolling wheel to the side and power/USB ports to the rear. It’s constructed of plastic but it has a solid quality feel to it and it has a rubber bottom, to keep the radio in place. The whole thing is angled slightly, which is great, as I can see it very well on my bed side table.  I should also mention it comes in a variety of colours.

Setting up the radio was very easy. Simply plug it in and turn it on, the rest is done for you. In less than a minute, the radio had set the correct time and date, and had found several DAB radio stations. The buttons on the radio are precise and has exactly what you need. Hit the alarm button and it runs through a simple set up, hit the mode button and the radio turns on. The alarm was very simple to set up, using the scroll wheel to the right hand side. There are two alarms that can be programmed and are easily activated by a push down button on the top.

The display is big and clearly shows everything you need, including the time, the date, the radio station, which alarm is set on or off and so on. All of which can be edited to suit, par the time. The display is dimmable. All you have to do is hit the large button below it to cycle through three different settings, high, medium or low brightness. This is a great feature for me, as I like a dark room when I sleep!

Sound quality is very good, crystal clear radio reception, as you would expect with DAB. The speaker can get very loud, far too loud for a morning alarm in my opinion but nevertheless, you could use it for a party, as there is an aux input at the rear. However it is only a small speaker so it has its limitations.

Another neat feature to the radio is the two USB ports on the rear, which can charge your phone or tablet. If you plug your radio into the socket, this enables you to charge both your phone and tablet, and still have another spare socket at the wall. Its acts purely as an extension lead and charge times were unaffected.

Prices start at £50, which is average to high in the clock radio market and there are cheaper options available but will it be as cool as this? Doubt it. Great quality, easy to use with two brilliant features, the dimmable display and the USB charging.