Creative T50 Speakers Review

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way immediately – the Bluetooth part of these wireless speakers was fiddly. For about 12 seconds.

We have had a few portable speakers through the office and for just about every one of them, the instructions were not needed. I had to get the book out for this one to find out how to make these Creative T50 speakers discoverable.

Obvious when you know how, and that was the last problem we had.

So now the main bit – they are sensational. Great sound as you might expect from a company like Creative which has been in the sound business for some time.

Their Sound Blaster audio cards were once the must-have in any PC. These days, with on-chip sound quality going through the roof, Creative has shown it has the skills to diversify their range lines.

There is a series of these T speakers. We have the top line T50 and are faultless.

Of course, an audiophile will find something to moan about, but we are talking here about every day use without drowning out conversation in a room, and believe me, they can drown out chatter easily. Bass is built in and escapes from an open port in the tops.

creative t50 1

If you need a room-filler, but don’t want to spend a fortune, then the T50 is an obvious choice, especially as it has simple bass and treble rotary switches on the front.

There are other Bluetooth speakers that also sound brilliant of course, but they tend to be one unit.

As you can see, you can easily have some sound separation here because there are two units.

Horribly obvious to say, but it really does make a difference. They are around seven inches deep and even look classy.

Sorry all, but size matters when it comes to sound. We only hear stuff because the air is disturbed with sound waves. And the stronger the wave the better the sound, more or less.

And for that, you need space to give some punch. A wide speaker may have trouble finding a home, but foot-tall ones that are nice and slim are so much easier to settle in on a shelf somewhere.

Of course these need mains power and a physical five feet long link between the two, but after that, you are all wireless.  No apps to clutter your device, so friends can come round and link up easily too. NFC is included too. Range is amazing too.

I love these and of course, you can actually plug stuff in to them too.