Groov-e Sound Curve Alarm Clock Review

There’s always something exciting about something so mundane as an alarm clock that can do multiple things at once. Take the Groov-e Sound Curve for example. For a company that is reletively unknown in the UK where we’re based, we’ve received a string of their proucts so far which can be found in our product lineup, and they have surprised us every time.

The Groov-e Sound Curve comes as a small white alarm clock radio. It’s got a curved fascia and a flat top and bottom. It looks pretty stylish and would go with most decor in  a home environment. All functionality happens on the top, freeing up the front of the clock radio to display a big illuminated blue digital clock which looks nice against the frosted plastic of the outside.

This alarm clock radio has a built-in FM tuner for your radio needs with up to 20 preset channels that you can set yourself. I would have liked to have seen a DAB radio tuner given we’re in the digital age now, but at this price point I can see why an FM radio was used instead. It sounds quite good for its size but it’s not the kind of thing that’s really designed to pump out your tunes. It’s a clock radio afterall. You can set the volume of your radio alarm too which is a nice feature for heavy sleepers like myself.

There is an auxilary input for your mobile phone or MP3 player so you can play some external music rather than FM radio all the time. The 3W speakers aren’t loud, and do distort on higher volumes, but it’s nice for a small bedroom speaker to give you some abient noise in the background.

The highlight of this product is the two USB charging ports on top for tablets, mobiles, and just about anything else that uses USB to transfer power. This is especially handy if you’re running out of plugs like me. It saves having two seperate plugs coming out of your extention to charge different items. Using the built-in USB power didn’t affect charging times. Charging my phone to full from dead took a few hours, which is expected from my older phone so I was impressed with that.

Overall the Groov-e Sound Curve is a solid product. It looks incredibly stylish and does a good job of offering some ambient background music. The alarm clock is absolutely solid, giving me the option to set a volume. The only thing I would have liked to have seen is a DAB radio transmitter, but it didn’t affect the overall performance of this product. You can find out more information from Groov-e website. They’re currently retailing for around £45. and come in black or white colours.

  • Lucy

    How do you adjust alarm radio volume ?

    • Stef Murphy
      Stef Murphy

      Hi Lucy,
      Pretty simple. When setting the alarm, it cycles through eventually to a number which goes up to 30. There will be an AL symbol also on the display. This is the alarm volume. Use the arrow search buttons to set that number to your liking, with 30 being maximum volume of the alarm.

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