Goodmans Aspect Soundbar Review

There is no denying that Goodmans has been recently releasing some good looking budget products. The Aspect soundbar has definitely followed this trend. With the choice of displaying the soundbar in a vertical or horizontal position, the Aspect will definitely suit any kind of entertainment system setup.

The Goodmans Aspect soundbar for the most part is covered in a soft dark grey material with a steel finish magnetic base. It looks pretty mean, and would suit a contemporary living room. There are two silver caps on each end, with one side making room for power, source and touch sensitive volume controls. There is a small included remote so don’t worry about having to turn it on and off on the unit every time.

There is plenty of connectivity here. On the rear you will find ports for power, optical, an RCA and coaxial cable slots for those older systems. Whatever setup you’re rocking, Goodmans definitely has it covered.

With regards to the sound, at best I can only say it’s average. With the lack of a subwoofer we found that certain movies we watched lacked that punchy bass. Saying that, the soundbar would suit broadcast television because you’re only receiving standard stereo sound. If you’re looking for a replacement for your 5.1 surround sound, this isn’t it.

But I couldn’t expect it to be the perfect product. After all, which product on this planet doesn’t have an Achilles heel? Goodmans make great budget products and that’s exactly what this is. The speaker would probably suit a games room or bedroom television that needs slightly better sound than the awful built-in TV speakers. Coming in at under £100 at various retail outlets, the Goodmans Aspect soundbar is great value. It’s clean, clutter-free and has a whole array of connectivity to suit your setup needs.

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